Oct 14, 2020
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Luxembourger from FC “Ufa” earned removal in the match for the national team

The Nations League match between the national teams of Luxembourg and Montenegro ended in a massive brawl.

According to RBC, the conflict occurred between Ufa player Olivier Till, who played for the Luxembourgers, and Montenegrin Marko Jankovic. As a result, both players received red cards, and another participant in the fight, the player of the Montenegrin national team Marko Simic, was sent off.

Note that the meeting itself ended with the victory of the Luxembourgers with a score of 2: 1. In their division of the League of Nations, the team takes first place in the standings. Montenegro is inferior to it in additional indicators.

Earlier this week, Russia and Turkey met in the Nations League in a 1-1 draw. And the Ukrainian national team the day before for the first time won over the Spaniards - 1: 0.

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