Apr 27, 2021
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Lunar nail trimming in May 2021

Lunar nail trimming in May 2021

Nail trimming is not just a cosmetic procedure, but also a great way to get rid of all worries and troubles at once. Astrologers’ recommendations will help you choose the right days in May in order to put your hands in order and bring good luck into life.

Running routines help create a gorgeous look, lift up the locomotion and instill confidence. Experts recommend finding out which days of the final month of spring will be ideal for hand care and when it is more important to cut your nails in total, so as not to lose luck and luck.

12 May: the first days of the month, the falling month will spend in the constellation Capricorn. These times are neutral, so you can fearlessly cut your nails and do a manicure. Astrologers recommend only not to neglect safety measures in order to avoid cuts.

May 3, 4: these days the Month continues to age, moving into the Sign of Aquarius. Cutting nails can turn into trouble, so it is more important to take care of them in total without cutting and filing.

May 5, 6 and 7: this is the time the decaying night sparkle will spend in Pisces. For those who want to free themselves from fear and doubt, it is worth shortening the nail plates on the 5th or 6th. On May 7, nail clipping can lead to changes in location and tearfulness.

May 8, 9: A month in Aries is not the best combination. At this time, cutting nails is only for those who are ready for unexpected changes and are not afraid to actively fight for their happiness, regardless of obstacles.

May 10, 11 and 12: the month will be in Taurus for three days, and the New Moon will come on the 12th. At this time, you can trim the nail plates to refresh the energy. Cutting nails on May 10 is a loss, but 12, vis-a-vis, to a profit.

May 13, 14: the growth of the Moon in Gemini – neutral times. These days, manicure and pedicure can be done at home, setting aside time for grooming procedures.

May 15, 16 and 17: the growth of the moon continues in the constellation Cancer. Astrologers call the 16th and 17th the most important days for nail clipping. These days, you can safely take care of and give the nail plates a new shape. Cutting your nails on May 15 will ruin your plans.

May 18, 19: The month continues to gain strength, moving into the Sign of Leo. The fiery energy will be convenient, so you can fearlessly trim your nails and not be afraid of negative events. Astrologers recommend performing procedures in the morning.

May 20, 21: the growth of the Moon in Virgo is not the best time for cutting nails. At this time, there is a risk of incurring trouble and the close attention of ill-wishers. It is more important to leave the nails as if they are and apply an impenetrable varnish coating to become invisible for problems.

May 22, 23: A month in alliance with the constellation Libra is a time when it will be easier to attract change for the better if you cut your marigolds. This procedure will add confidence and eliminate doubts that are being pulled back.

May 24, 25: on Monday and Tuesday the month will be in Scorpio. Those who want to find happiness in their personal life should cut their nails on the first day of the week. Cutting your nails on Tuesday will help you get rid of unlucky suckers.

May 26, 27: The full moon on the 26th and the subsequent decrease in the night sparkle will take place in Sagittarius. Cutting marigolds these days is not worth it, so as not to lose vitality and not become victims of sad thoughts.

May 28, 29: the waning month again passes into the constellation Capricorn. It is possible to cut your nails these days, but with an eye: in the late hours after entering, it is more important to postpone the procedure so as not to lose energy and not to weaken the biofield.

May 30, 31: the last days of May, the falling Month will spend in Aquarius. These times are more important than the total, it is suitable for leaving, which can be done as if at home, so much and using the services of a trusted master. It is more important not to cut the nails.

You can cut your nails not only according to the lunar calendar, but also on the days of the week in order to attract joyful changes to life, look great and not miss your luck at the right time.

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