Sep 13, 2020
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Lunar day today September 14, 2020

Lunar day today September 14, 2020

A new day begins, which will bring us new opportunities, problems and concerns. To find out what lies ahead, check out the information on what the mood of the moon will be today.

This Monday, the moon will be far from the most favorable. Because of this, there is a high probability of facing difficult life situations. It is very important in such moments to be able to find a way out. In this regard, three effective ways to find solutions will be useful. At the beginning of this week, it's best to be extremely careful.

Moon phase: 26 lunar day begins. The waning moon is in the sign of Leo, which will negatively affect the energy of most people. The mood of the night star this time will be destructive, which will affect all areas of life.

Magnetic storms on September 14: no solar flares have been observed in recent days. This means that magnetic storms are definitely not expected.

constant movement; physical exercise; discreet appearance; solving urgent problems; financial adventures. disputes, conflicts; overwork.

Leo and the waning moon are not the best combination for household chores. Moreover, on Monday, few people want to do the cleaning. Even if such a desire arises, it is better to limit yourself to superficial cleaning and tidying up. Astrologers and experts do not recommend getting rid of junk, because you can accidentally throw away something you need and regret it in the future.

On this day, it is better to dress as strictly as possible so as not to stand out from the crowd, not to attract judgmental glances and not to provoke anyone to negative. It is best to dress strictly according to the dress code, and if it is not there, you can simply wear something in black and white. You don't need any bright accents, prints, patterns. Everything should be as laconic as possible.

You don't need a lot of decorations either. One has only to put on something silver - modest earrings, ring or bracelet. Silver products will act as a talisman against problems, and will also increase your energy. Of the talisman stones, opal or obsidian will be the best assistant. These are powerful protective stones that go well with silver.

On such a day, conspiracies on the waning moon from financial problems, debts and troubles will be useful. They will help to avoid the occurrence of such troubles and solve existing problems. Astrologers advise not to take on unnecessary responsibility today, focusing only on the most important things - on urgent matters and keeping promises.

When it comes to shopping, you can spend a little money on something pleasant - buying something unusual from food or treating yourself to new clothes. Experts advise not to get carried away and not enter the courage. You cannot gamble, place bets or buy lottery tickets.

There will be no less problems in love than at work and in business. On the waning Moon in Leo, heated arguments can flare up between lovers, friends or relatives. No need to stand your ground, furiously defending an opinion. Even if it's correct, it's best to just give in.

Single people today can meet, but it's better to do it on social networks. Astrologers strongly advise not to pay attention to the opinions of others regarding your appearance, past actions. Let the amateurs continue to talk. Let them think their words mean something.

The mood of people today will constantly change, and in an absolutely unpredictable way. Be wary of showing anger and resentment towards loved ones and colleagues. If something goes wrong, there is no need to break down on others. This will take away your support.

All negative thoughts can be neutralized with training. Exercise will benefit everyone. For those who are just starting their way to athletic heights, it is better not to overload your body. This is fraught with injury. Also, be careful while driving. Beware of reckless and aggressive drivers.

The day will be stressful, you can use meditation to deeply relax and relieve stress. In the evening, you need to change the environment, forget about all work tasks and problems and have a good rest.

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