Oct 14, 2020
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Lunar day today October 14, 2020

Lunar day today October 14, 2020

A new day begins, in which new trials and problems can await us. Try to follow the advice of astrologers so as not to get into awkward and unpleasant situations.

This day will be quite unfavorable, because Mercury will begin its retrograde motion. This astrological event will darken not only this day, but today it will be the most dangerous, because Mercury, with the beginning of the return journey, will provoke the appearance of negative energy flows.

Moon phase: the waning moon will be in Virgo, so this day is not the most dangerous and unpleasant in October. The moon will partially stabilize the situation, neutralizing the negative of Mercury. However, today's Lunar day will be very difficult.

Magnetic storms on October 14: magnetic storms are not expected.

caution; saving; intuition; positive thoughts; calmness. panic; negative; quarreling.

It's better to just relax at home today. Easy cleaning won't hurt, but only if it doesn't take a lot of time and effort. You can take out the trash, wash the dishes. Astrologers and experts strongly advise against starting something grandiose. Also, do not repair and rearrange furniture.

From clothes it is worth giving preference to muted and calm tones - blue, marsh, black and gray. What you should definitely not do is dress in a way that is not typical for you. Experiments can end badly - criticism of others or even ridicule. Of the talisman stones, it is worth giving preference to the tiger's eye and white quartz. These minerals enhance the sixth sense.

In the financial sphere, the waning Moon in Virgo will help partially neutralize the negative from Mercury. It is strictly forbidden to spend a lot of money on this day. If you suddenly have to do this, it is better not to listen to the advice and guidance of others. You need to be extremely collected and careful.

At work and in business, many people today can have a sudden creative crisis. Don't panic if things go downhill. This is not the end of the world, but simply the machinations of retrograde Mercury. From tomorrow, the situation will begin to improve, and very quickly.

In love today, intuition will become a great helper for all of us. The waning moon and the power of the elements of the Earth will increase the likelihood that your inner voice will not deceive you. Mercury retrograde will distort information flows, so it is extremely important to be guided not by facts, but by premonition. Special talismans will help to strengthen intuition.

On this day, gossip will be very active. There will be a lot of lies and pretense, so it's best not to take people at their word. If you have to face negativity in your direction, it is best not to overreact to it. This is exactly what many toxic people need. Don't give them what they want.

It is very difficult for sensitive people to live on such days. Do not overreact to everything that happens around you. You should think as little as possible about troubles and more often focus on something positive.

The beginning of Mercury retrograde can provoke a change in the life of people in general. Many will have a desire to change something, but it is better not to give in to this impulse. You need to leave everything as it is. Virgo and the waning moon will help overcome the desire for novelty.

Try to get rid of toxic settings so that on days like this, you don't program yourself for failure and problems. Remember: those who believe in themselves are always ahead.

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