Dec 28, 2020
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Lunar day today December 8, 2020

Lunar day today December 8, 2020

Lunar days are not alike, which is why it is so important to listen to the opinion of astrologers. Their recommendations will help you find out in advance what mood the night star will be in and what actions will lead to success.

Tuesday will be held under the auspices of the waning Moon in Virgo, and this time will be quite harmonious. A positive attitude will help you to have a successful day, and experts recommend starting the morning with a smile and optimism so that Tuesday becomes a day of victories.

Moon phase: 23 lunar day. The waning Moon in Virgo is a time when emotions and haste can harm plans. Astrologers recommend giving up adventures and new beginnings.

Magnetic storms on December 8: Earth’s magnetosphere at rest. No magnetic storms are expected.

completion of current affairs; intellectual work; collection of information; planning; discretion; financial operations. new beginnings; haste and spontaneous change of plans; overwork; trust in strangers.

On Tuesday, under the influence of the waning moon, it is useful to relax and enjoy life. On this day, you should leave your household chores and devote time to good rest, communication with loved ones and meditations that restore strength and energy. Excessive activity can lead to irritability, which means that the day should be spent measuredly and with rest breaks.

Tuesday is the time for intellectual work that requires perseverance and attention. On this day, preference should be given to shades of brown, which will help focus on solving business issues. The best jewelry of this day will be products made from natural materials: leather, wood and stones. As a talisman, you should choose jade, which attracts good luck and restores energy.

23 lunar days are suitable for meticulous work related to the collection of information, analysis and calculations. Under the influence of the waning moon, business should be completed, and not started, in order to avoid trouble in the future.

On this day, trade and procurement work is progressing well, subject to a proven partnership. The planned spending will be appropriate. Spontaneity, haste and nervousness on this day will not only be superfluous, but also cause many problems.

Waning Moon in Virgo is a time when strong unrest is contraindicated. On this day, it is important to stay in a good mood and not provoke conflicts with loved ones. This day is successful for family gatherings and meetings with the closest friends, strengthening relations between partners. Astrologers recommend not starting a new relationship on this day, so as not to be disappointed in the choice later.

Physical activity on this day should be moderate in order to avoid overwork, but you should not give up stress at all. Maintaining the body in good shape is important both for a good mood and for fighting the blues. On this day, only emotions will threaten health and mood, which means that it is important to work on them, not allowing yourself to have sad thoughts. Solitary work will be appropriate in order to exclude unnecessary clashes with an aggressive environment.

In December, it is important to complete current affairs and meet the New Year without debts and tails. At this time, attitude is important, so every morning you should start by attracting success and a positive mood.

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