Dec 29, 2020
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Lunar day today December 6, 2020

Lunar day today December 6, 2020

The advice of astrologers reflected in the lunar calendar will be an excellent help for those who are used to controlling events. Useful recommendations will allow you to bypass troubles and not plan for today those things that may break down due to the influence of the night star.

Lunar energy does not combine in the best way with the influence of Leo, and December 6 will be just such a day. Sunday does not bode well, but carelessness and haste can get you into trouble. Experts recommend listening to the opinion of astrologers in order to spend this day successfully.

Moon phase: 21 lunar day the night star will hold in the Sign of Leo. The moon decreases, and the forces become less, and the constellation of Leo, on the contrary, gives an incentive to active actions, which can cause energetic dissonance and emotional stress.

Magnetic storms on December 6: magnetic storms are not expected on Sunday.

good rest; attention to premonitions; regularity; release from bad habits. aggression and pressure; financial operations; overvoltage; showdown.

Sunday is intended for good rest, and on December 6, astrologers recommend recuperating and not spoiling your mood with your daily routine. It’s important to pay attention to your preferences on Sunday so that you can start the week in a positive mood, rather than annoyance and anger.

When choosing the color of clothes, it is important to focus on the mood, and if the emotional background is not stable, you should pay attention to calm shades. Bright and flashy colors, bold patterns will only add aggression, which can cause conflicts. The talismans of this day will be jasper, jade and amber, which will support energy and protect from unwanted attention. Silver jewelry will help to complement the protection.

Waning Moon in Leo is a time when mood often changes, and many people can be tempted and take unwanted risks. On this day, those who are gambling should not take significant amounts of money with them.

In a business environment, you cannot rush and neglect your duties. Astrologers recommend not changing plans at the last minute and abandoning new beginnings in favor of completing current and understandable affairs.

The influence of the Moon in Leo causes mood swings, and in this regard, misunderstandings and conflicts can arise in the family and in the business environment. You can avoid disagreements if you don’t focus on what you think are inappropriate statements and spend the day in a good mood.

Romantic relationships will be successful if partners talk to each other and find common ground, rather than recall past grievances. Finding a soul mate on such a day is difficult.

On this day, it is important to conserve strength and not overwork. Reduce physical activity and take breaks between activities to restore energy. Mood can change more than once, which is why it is so important to ensure that mood swings do not become a stumbling block on the path to success.

In winter, the number of colds increases, and astrologers recommend dressing for the season, avoiding drafts and staying in crowded places for a long time. Strengthening herbal preparations, which gently act on the nervous system and reduce irritability, will not be superfluous.

It will be successful to spend the next lunar day if you tune in to success from the very morning and do not give anyone from the environment the opportunity to control yourself and your actions. This day can be a test for stress resistance, and you need to pass it with honor.

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