Dec 27, 2020
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Lunar day today 24 December 2020

Lunar day today December 24, 2020

Every day the Moon changes its position in the firmament, and its influence can be both positive and negative. Find out what kind of energy this Thursday will have to spend the day with benefit and without annoying mistakes.

The growth of the Moon in Aries continues, and astrologers call this day positive in terms of energy. On this day, there will be an opportunity to grow spiritually, find inner harmony and leave mistakes and blunders behind.

Moon phase: 10-11 lunar days… The growing Moon in Aries is a time for creative work, finding personal happiness, liberation and good luck.

Magnetic storms on December 24: A slight disturbance in the magnetosphere can cause discomfort, and experts recommend monitoring your well-being in order to prevent health problems in time.

positive attitude; attention to detail; finding spiritual harmony; completion of current affairs; moderate loads. aggression and pressure; procrastination; indulging in bad attachments.

The influence of the Moon in Aries gives a surge of strength, thanks to which it will be possible to complete the current repairs, make the long-awaited move, rearrange the furniture to meet the New Year holidays in a cozy room. Cleaning and other routine duties will be easy if you do them in a good mood with your favorite music.

On this day, those who want to attract love to life should pay attention to the red color and use three proven techniques. Shades of blue will allow you to focus on business, and you can spend an evening with friends in any comfortable clothes. As a talisman for this day, a mineral according to the Sign of the Zodiac is perfect, and jewelry can be any.

On Thursday, well-oiled work is progressing well, as well as cases that do not require close attention and quick reactions. On this day, there is a creative upsurge, and the day will be successful for people associated with art.

Astrologers recommend giving up adventures and spontaneous purchases so as not to become victims of scammers and not to be left penniless on the eve of the New Year holidays. These days are intended for new victories, and this will require not only courage and perseverance, but also following the rules.

Thursday is a great time to build your personal life. Lucky for those who want romantic dates, and married couples. On this day, you can surprise your chosen ones, arrange family dinners and walks under the starry sky. An important rule of this day will be the achievement of inner harmony so that impulsiveness does not cause conflicts between loved ones, and also does not turn out to be a stumbling block during new acquaintances.

A slight solar indignation can somewhat darken the energy of this day, however, with timely care for well-being, serious consequences can be avoided. Moderate physical activity, good mood and a healthy lifestyle will help both cope with ailments and prevent other troubles.

On a day when the Moon is in alliance with Aries, it is important to monitor emotions in order to avoid situations where uncontrolled destructive feelings rule the mind. Anger and jealousy will only get in the way, and you need to get rid of these emotions.

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