Sep 16, 2020
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Lunar day today 17 September 2020

Lunar day today 17 September 2020

The new moon is about new things and new plans. Today, spiritual efforts will help turn the course of life for the better if you heed the advice of astrologers.

With the advent of the New Moon, life will move forward rapidly, and situations in a variety of areas will change, regardless of whether we agree with it or not. If so, astrologers advise to be flexible and consciously follow these changes, as they are inevitable. Do not trust rumors, analyze new experiences - this will help protect yourself from ill-wishers and look at difficulties differently. It is especially successful today to work on financial issues and increase the energy of money.

Moon phase: 29-1 lunar days. The Virgo New Moon is an emotionally unstable day, which means it's time to find out how it will affect the Zodiac Signs.

Magnetic storms: according to the forecasts of meteorologists, on September 17, disturbances of the magnetosphere are likely, however, it is far from a real magnetic storm.

Auspicious Deeds on New Moon:

responsibility for words and deeds; following your own principles; responsible approach to actions and decisions taken; creative work; intellectual loads; walks in the open air.

Dangers and risks in the New Moon:

a sharp change in plans; new beginnings; work at the limit of strength; deception, fraud; financial risks.

Today, you can bring to mind what was started earlier, for example, to finish cleaning the balcony or to think together with the family where to put a new sofa. It is useful to do and create coziness. True, astrologers advise saving energy, because on New Moon, few can boast of a large supply of resources. Creativity, creation, walks in the fresh air - all this will strengthen energy and help to gain strength.

On New Moon, it is better to use jewelry to a minimum and focus on practicality and comfort. An outfit "overloaded" with details can make not only the image heavier, but also the energy. The exception is warm clothes from the autumn wardrobe. The talisman of the day will be brown and green, which can be used to protect yourself from ill-wishers.

The key to success in work is a friendly microclimate in the team. To maintain it, the editorial board advises not to change anything in the work process, not to look at the top of the career ladder and to avoid disputes with the bosses in time. Diligence and pedantry will do their job and take away from possible problems. The financial side of life will be in perfect order, provided that the money is properly distributed. It is important to correctly prioritize expenses and correctly assess your income.

On New Moon, you need to be on the lookout: a powerful hurricane with a gusty wind of emotions is expected. Long suppressed feelings will wake up inside us, which can confront the misunderstanding of loved ones. The trends of the day will bring chaos, which will make it difficult to soberly assess what is happening and manage your mood. Astrologers advise you to warn your partner about this and do everything so as not to give the slightest reason for conflict: more often listen to your loved ones, trust them, be interested in their affairs, support them. By the evening the clouds will disperse and the sun of love will shine even brighter.

The body will be mobilized and active. The only thing to watch out for is overvoltage. At the end of the day, be sure to give yourself time to rest and rejuvenate. For the rest, eat right, exercise a lot, enjoy every minute of your life, do not get upset under any circumstances. All this is the key to your health and good mood. Include a few breathing exercises and walk more in your daily routine.

The Virgo New Moon launches a new cycle, heralding events that will stimulate rapid life changes. Now you need to withstand all karmic tests with dignity, to understand yourself, to find out your inner essence and personal reserves.

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