Sep 15, 2020
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Lunar day today 16 September 2020

Lunar day today 16 September 2020

Lunar energy changes every day. Astrologers monitor her metamorphoses and make a list of useful tips for all areas of life. Follow the simple guidelines of the experts to keep this environment successful.

This week began with an auspicious astrological event: Jupiter completed its retrograde path. This fact will have a positive effect on today's energy, which will already be very creative due to the favorable position of the Moon. Many people will have a pleasant day free from any problems.

Moon phase: begins 28 lunar day... This will be the last day of the waning Moon, which is in the Sign of Virgo. Astrologers believe that this is the ideal time to solve the most difficult problems, for work and for household chores.

Magnetic storms on September 16: no flares have been recorded on the sun, so magnetic storms are not expected.

hard work; responsibility; purchases; entertainment; planning. selfishness; long solitude; inaction; laziness.

At home today you can safely engage in any business: cleaning, repairing, receiving guests, cooking, disposing of garbage and unnecessary things. Virgo is associated with information flows, so it will be very important to clean up the information field. Experts recommend not to postpone what can be done now.

Virgo and the waning moon love severity, but bright colors and eccentricity will also be in trend. Today you can choose any style of clothing. The main thing is that it does not contradict the inner mood. If you have a long day at work, it is best not to dress very brightly. If you have a date on that day, you don't need to wear a lot of black clothes to the date.

Clothes should be a continuation of the inner world, a window to the very heart. Stones such as pomegranate or aventurine will help complement any look. The first one should be worn and carried with people who are looking for luck in love. The second stone is more versatile and represents a source of inspiration that can be directed to work or relationships.

Waning Moon in Virgo is a great combination for those who have a lot of work to do. Earth Release will help those who wish to get rid of the heavy burden of problems accumulated over the past days or weeks. Today it is important to take on any business that cannot be postponed until later.

As for spending money, astrologers are allowed to make expensive purchases. They believe that Virgo in a team with an aging Moon will create ideal conditions in which it will be difficult to make a mistake. Do not just borrow money or take out loans. Better to wait and not burden yourself with debt for now.

This Wednesday amorous luck will visit everyone who is in search of a soul mate. The wisdom of Virgo will help you make the right decision regarding a particular person. It will be easier to understand people, because the element of the Earth always forces all our true thoughts and desires to come out.

On days like this, people rarely resort to deception, but it is still possible. Psychic advice will teach you to understand people in order to avoid communication problems, betrayal and blackmail. It is advisable for everyone who is in a relationship not to forget about general priorities, about the desires of a loved one. Selfishness will definitely be superfluous today.

Astrologers believe that the mood today will be stable for most people. Because of this, teamwork will be a great success. The evening can be spent in the company of loved ones. It will be useful to have fun and change the environment.

Experts recommend not changing plans at the last second. It is important to be very careful when planning any business. You can't take risks, especially putting your reputation on the line. It will be very difficult to restore it in the future.

The magic of a closed mouth will help you change your life for the better on such days. You should not tell others about your plans for the future and share your emotions with strangers. Better to keep it a secret.

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