Sep 14, 2020
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Lunar day today 15 September 2020

Lunar day today 15 September 2020

The moon gives each day individuality, and new opportunities for us. By adjusting on September 15 to the lunar energy, it will turn out to take a course for happiness and confidently follow the dream.

The day will be active and productive, but the implementation of the plans will require a lot of dedication and self-discipline. The emotional background of the day is uneven, so many of the decisions and actions can be absurd. Do not focus on this, do what your intuition prompts - today it will direct you towards deep needs and personal ambitions, the implementation of which will bring success.

Moon phase: 26-27 moon knocks. The waning Moon in Leo will not add stability. There will be a desire to cheat, speed up events, bypass the rules. 5 rituals of a successful person will help you start your morning successfully and keep good luck with you throughout the day.

Magnetic storms: small perturbations on the Sun are expected. People who are prone to nervousness and irritability can feel them. Today it is better not to get into arguments and save your nerves.

Auspicious Deeds September 15:

loyalty to principles; change of activity or direction in life; introspection; attentiveness when concluding any contracts; taking care of your appearance and reputation.

Dangers and risks September 15:

defending their position to the last; disregard for traffic rules; inattention during important work moments; emotional devastation; seclusion.

Lunar Leo inclines to rest, creativity and spiritual quest. Therefore, it is better to take a break from work and vanity at home today. Astrologers advise not to start time-consuming business, but to save energy, make it positive.

Image will be especially important today. The day carries chaotic and ambiguous energies, and our task is to repay it with the same coin. The editors advise to act from the opposite and enhance your energy with a palette of red, wine or orange. Such a move will help to attract the attention of the right people, and in order to keep a good mood, use orange topaz talismans.

In business affairs, the ability to think strategically is useful. Cold calculation and sobriety of thoughts will allow you to overcome any, even super-difficult tasks. In addition, the lunar Leo will give a chance to get rid of everything that is boring and uninteresting. There are prerequisites for changing jobs and even calling. Do not be afraid of change - fate will definitely lead you on the right path. To speed up the process of raising money, balance needs with opportunities. Try to set aside at least a small part of your salary, control expenses: when going to the store, take the minimum amount of money with you.

Today, astrologers are advised to take charm and attractiveness as allies in order to smooth out the rough edges in relationships. This is not the best time to quarrel, express your discontent, find out who is right and who is wrong. Any quarrel on September 15 can be the beginning of the end, therefore astrologers recommend developing patience and refusing to test the strength of your love. Trust your loved ones, do not be jealous, do not offend them with arrogance, selfishness and suspicion.

The emotional state will be quite unstable, so do not trust too much other people's advice and forebodings. It is better to cut down on communication with negative people so that they do not stray from the true path. It is worth worrying about your well-being, because it will largely depend on the surrounding atmosphere and mood. Pessimistic and gloomy thoughts about your own unhappy fate can drive you into despondency and lead to a lingering blues. As a result, the body will fail. mysterious ailments may appear.

The coming day will bring us favorable moments for bold beginnings and responsible deeds. Tune in to victory and choose the shortest path to success. All dreams of a brilliant career can come true if you are sincere in your manifestations and actions, not wishing harm to others.

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