Oct 14, 2020
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Lunar day today 15 October 2020

Lunar day today 15 October 2020

Mid-October is a fruitful period. Astrologers note a surge in energy on the 15th, which will allow you to quickly complete long-lasting affairs and bring happiness to life.

Astrologers call Thursday a productive day, however, the influence of the waning moon deprives you of strength, so with active work, many may feel unwell. Experts recommend distributing strength to avoid overwork and not provoke conflicts due to mood swings.

Moon phase: 28 lunar days will pass under the influence of the waning moon in Libra. The calm energy of this day allows you to deal with matters related to real estate, as well as find support from relatives and mentors.

Magnetic storms on October 15: the Earth's magnetosphere is in a calm state, solar activity is minimal.

measured work; mutual assistance; meditation to achieve inner harmony; health care; home improvement; planned purchases. doubts and fears; excessive activity; conflicts.

Astrologers call Thursday the day of earthly affairs, when you can tidy up your house. Repair, relocation and acquisition of new housing will also be successful if you listen to your intuition and manage your savings wisely.

Thursday is characterized by slowness and measuredness, so the wardrobe for today should be not only harmonious in color, but also comfortable. The colors that attract good luck on October 15 are blue, green, brown. The image of jewelry made from natural materials is emphasized: wood, metal, stones. Minerals that absorb negative energy are suitable as a talisman - malachite, lapis lazuli and tourmaline.

Contracts concluded on the 28th lunar day will bring good results - it is only important to make the right decision, trusting your own intuition. The day is good for completing current affairs, getting additional skills and making previously planned expenses, including large purchases. Beware of Thursday is your own emotions, which can lead to conflicts that are inappropriate in the business environment.

A romantic relationship on Thursday can be the beginning of a beautiful romance, which, with due diligence from both partners, can turn into strong family ties. For couples that have taken place, Thursday can be a day of strengthening relationships: a family dinner, a short trip, walks will help to get closer.

Emotions will become the main enemy of mood and well-being on this day, therefore on Thursday it is so important to devote time to achieving inner balance and harmony with the outside world. Nothing threatens health on the 28th lunar day, however, taking care of your well-being is important in order to avoid overwork and hypothermia.

On Thursday, under the influence of Jupiter, many things can get off the ground if you make an effort and do not give up on tasks. Completing things on time will free up time for new beginnings and lead to success.

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