Sep 29, 2021
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Lukashenko: “The West is to blame for the emerging migration crisis”

President of Belarus on the humanitarian catastrophe on the European borders

The leadership of the power bloc of Belarus presented to the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko report about the situation on the state border. After the report, the head of state summed up, noting that the situation in the neighboring countries of Belarus remains unfavorable, since “The leadership of these countries has taken a course towards confrontation with Belarus”

“We need to consider the situation on the state border. At the same time, I would ask you not to focus only on what is happening with migrants. There is no need to pledge only on this issue. We have very serious other, more important defense-related problems, ”

– Lukashenka is quoted by the press service of the President of Belarus.

The head of state drew attention to what is happening in neighboring Poland – there, near the Belarusian borders, American troops are deploying. It is clear to everyone that these troops are not deploying against Germany, the president stressed. Against this background, Lithuania is developing its activity, trying to prove its loyalty to the United States, and restlessly on the Ukrainian border, Lukashenko said.

All this tension is aggravated by the situation with migrants, which is increasingly turning into a humanitarian disaster. Moreover, Western politicians blame Belarus for organizing this catastrophe and do it from the highest tribunes, thereby misleading the world community, the President noted, recalling the latest speeches of European representatives at a meeting of the UN General Assembly.

“The West itself is to blame for the emerging migration crisis. You have ruined these countries. You are the root cause of people fleeing war. And I have repeatedly emphasized that this is an international gang that transports people from there not only through Belarus. More people go to the EU through the Mediterranean Sea. They go like a shaft. And this is all organized by the appropriate people ”,

– said Alexander Lukashenko, recalling that migrants do not go to Poland or Lithuania, their goal is Germany, France and even Great Britain.

In his opinion, the collective West has launched a hybrid war against Belarus, trying to crush it with sanctions, and at the same time hopes that the Belarusian border guards will protect the European borders from migrants. But this will not happen, the President of Belarus emphasized and advised Poland and Lithuania to defend their borders themselves. However, the protection of the border in Europe is understood in its own way, the head of state noted, beating and driving hungry and frozen refugees to the neutral zone, sometimes even throwing the dead to the Belarusian side. All this can only be called a humanitarian catastrophe, Lukashenka is sure.

“Let’s get some advice on how we will continue to work. It’s not the case that people suffer. Well, yes, they dressed them, fed them, took them there firewood, handed over some tents. But in winter they will freeze. These are people who came thousands of kilometers from the south. In short, a humanitarian disaster on the border. The neighbors have introduced a state of emergency and no one is allowed there. So that no one knows how people die there, ”

– said Alexander Lukashenko, noting that this topic is not touched upon by Western human rights structures. All are limited to accusations of the Belarusian side, not noticing human rights violations on their territory.

The President appealed to the Chairman of the State Border Committee Anatoly Lappo with a request to continue to provide all possible assistance to migrants who are stuck at the border. These refugees do not want to stay in Belarus, they applied for a residence permit in Germany, but two months have passed, and there is no response from the European Union, despite the fact that winter is coming.

“Therefore, I would like to once again appeal to international organizations, leaders, civil society, as they say, of foreign countries, to pay attention to the situation that is developing on the border and still respect the human rights that they themselves have declared,”

– Alexander Lukashenko stressed.

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