Dec 27, 2020
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Lukashenko stripped himself of a monument – political scientist

Political scientist Artem Shraibman believes that Belarus is moving towards dictatorship by leaps and bounds. However, this form of power requires a lot of funds, which the republic does not have.

As the expert noted, Russia is the only financial resource for Belarus, but Moscow no longer has any desire to sponsor Alexander Lukashenko. It is obvious that the Kremlin is demanding from the Old Man a constitutional reform or a transition of power, but it does not agree to this.

According to Shraibman, Belarus lives like on a powder keg. They say that even a referendum and elections can trigger new protests, which will necessarily be followed by repression. Thus, the country is getting further away from national dialogue.

If Alexander Grigorievich showed that he had settled everything, then Russia would simply accept it, the analyst is sure. Like, the Kremlin is not up to it now.

“Lukashenka may think that he has calmed the society, but any sociological research will show that he is wrong,” the expert said.

As for Batka’s reputation, it has been destroyed, Shraibman said. In 2020, Alexander Lukashenko made a lot of mistakes that not only shortened his presidential term, but also “took away” the title of Father of the Nation. “He stripped himself of a monument,” the analyst summed up.


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