Jun 2, 2021
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Lukashenko Recognized Crimea?

Lukashenko Recognized Crimea?

Photo: Sergey Malgavko / TASS

Moscow and Minsk will work out the issue of opening flights to Crimea, Belarusian leader said Alexander Lukashenko

“We have our own sanatorium in Crimea, in Miskhor, where people have always traveled and flew,” he recalled. – In order not to aggravate relations, we are through Ukraine [ездили]: some by train, some by car, some by plane. Now they have closed the sky. “

According to Lukashenka, he asked Vladimir Putin resolve this issue: “Think about how we can get to the Crimea. We will not fly through Poland: they are not allowed there either. “

We will remind, earlier the general director of “Belavia” said that the company does not plan to operate flights to the Crimea, since the political recognition of the peninsula as part of Russia should appear.

How then to understand the words of the Old Man?

– The very fact that Minsk established direct flights with Crimea and flights bypassing Ukraine will de facto mean the recognition of the peninsula as part of Russia, – says the Belarusian political observer Kirill Ozimko… – The Belarusian carrier will not fly to Crimea on the terms of Russia, but at the same time recognizing the peninsula as a part of Ukraine ?!

“SP”: – How is such recognition carried out in general?

– Full legal recognition of the change in the territories of other states is usually accompanied by an act or decree. The president, government or parliament of any country issues an act on the recognition of Crimea as part of Russia, and the document, for example, contains an order for state bodies to build relations with the Crimean authorities as with the authorities of other constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Crimea begins to appear in the documents of the country that recognized it as a part of Russia. Then it all goes down to the specialized departments, and begins to be reflected on geographical maps, in textbooks etc.

“SP”: – How will the West react to Belarusian flights to Crimea?

– The establishment of air communication between Belarus and Crimea does not mean deepening of bilateral integration yet. Nobody crosses the red line followed by the threat to the existence of Belarus as a separate state. So, I don’t think that air traffic with Crimea will somehow seriously affect Minsk’s relations with the EU and the United States.

“SP”: – If we consider that the multi-vector approach is closed for Minsk, what else can Old Man do in the direction of rapprochement with Russia? Give up control over Belarusian enterprises, place a Russian airbase on the territory of the republic, start real political integration?

– It is important for Lukashenka to preserve the fullness of his own power in Belarus, so he will not do anything that can shake it somehow. The sale of enterprises to Russian big capital, the deployment of a Russian military base and, all the more, political integration threaten to significantly increase Russia’s influence on domestic politics in Belarus, so this may not be desirable for Lukashenka.

It is easier for Belarus to show solidarity with Russia in foreign policy, to recognize the same Crimea. But the Belarusian authorities will not let anyone into the internal political kitchen.

– I do not see a particular problem in the presence or absence of air communication Simferopol-Minsk, – says the Crimean journalist Sergey Kulik

– Those who want to come to Crimea will come. However, all these daily gatherings on federal talk shows, the participants of which attack the President of Belarus, are infuriating. He is accused of almost treason to the Union State due to the fact that Belarusian planes do not fly to Crimea.

Gogol chose the words as an epigraph to his “Inspector General”: “There is no reason to blame the mirror if the face is crooked.” So here too – those who like to speak at federal TV booths should address their claims not to Lukashenka, but first of all to the chairman of the board of Sberbank German Gref, which for seven years did not bother to open a single branch of Sberbank on the peninsula. Or to Russian mobile operators – not a single mainland mobile operator recognized Crimea and Sevastopol as part of Russia, forcing subscribers to pay to visit the peninsula.

I would like our telepolitical scientists to demand from Lukashenka not flights, but changes in the educational program. Otherwise, in five to ten years we will get a second Nazi Ukraine in place of the Blueoka.

Judge for yourself: ten years ago, after an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow Lukashenka, the film “Ploscha. Iron on Glass ”, which tells how nationalists and pro-Western liberals organized a coup d’etat in Belarus. Some time passes – and on the same TV channel is shown quite such a sympathetic film about the life and fate of the general of the so-called Belarusian People’s Republic and the Polish Army Stanislav Bulak-Balakhovich

If you watched the series “State Border” shot by Belarusian filmmakers, especially its second part “Peaceful Summer of 1921 …”, then remember the episode when a gang dressed in the uniform of the Red Army breaks out of Poland into our territory, smashes a border town, and one of the bandits cuts the belts from the back of an elderly Red Army soldier taken prisoner.

But this episode is based on real events, and that gang was led by Bulak-Balakhovich – the one who is glorified by the Belarusian state television.

Or another sensational case. In 2014, Belarus began issuing commemorative coins from the series “113 cities”. On one of them the call “It’s time! It’s time! ” with the signature “Yazep Levanovich”. It was with this appeal that this mayor of Mogilev summoned the townspeople to the massacre of the Russian garrison in 1661.

Therefore, I think, it is more important now not whether planes will fly to Simferopol from Minsk, or whether Belarusian schools will be brought up.

“SP”: – Lukashenko says that there is “his own sanatorium in the Crimea, in Miskhor”, and in order not to irritate Ukraine, they went there in a roundabout way. And why did they go at all – did it irritate Ukraine?

– Yes, there is such a sanatorium. That is what it is called – “Belorussia”. It was transferred to the BSSR back in 1954, and remained in its ownership. By the way, this is a wonderful sanatorium – in Ukraine, many tried to get there. And it was cheaper than in neighboring Ukrainian ones, and the service is good.

In 2005, “Belorussia” took first place in the nomination “The best sanatorium in the resort of Yalta” in the rating “100 best health resorts of Crimea”, and after the “Crimean Spring” was awarded the title of “The best resort in Crimea”.

After the reunification of Crimea with Russia, the sanatorium “Belorussia” was left to the owner – the Administrative Department of the President of the Republic of Belarus. That is, having registered the boarding house under Russian law, the office of the Belarusian leader nevertheless recognized the jurisdiction of Russia over Crimea.

“SP”: – How many people flew to Crimea from Minsk and vice versa until 2014? Is it realistic to restore this flow if a decision is made to resume transportation?

– As far as I know, the air passenger traffic was very small, and the flights were irregular from time to time. It was much more convenient to travel by train – at nine o’clock in the morning I left Minsk, slept on the train, and at eleven in the morning of the next day, you were already taking a trolleybus to your boarding house on the southern coast of Crimea. Cheap and cheerful.

“SP”: – How can Crimea and Belarus be useful to each other now?

– Under Ukraine, the Belarusian manufacturer was clearly not present in Crimea; he opened brand stores only in Kiev and large cities, although there were goods from Sineokoy in stores and in the markets of the peninsula. “Belorusskoye” ten to fifteen years ago was synonymous with the phrase “quality mark”. Therefore, Belarusians know that they have their own old and devoted consumer in Crimea and continue to develop the Crimean market. Even if Minsk is evading official recognition.

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