Feb 20, 2021
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Lukashenko: I will do everything to make Belarusians different from Russians

Alexander Lukashenko began to implement the concept of separating bad nationalism from good. This is the opinion of the Russian political scientist Dmitry Evstafiev.

The day before, Alexander Lukashenko met with the actors of the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater. During the visit, the President of Belarus stated that he intends to promote good nationalism, despite criticism and reproaches from Russia. “I will do everything that our Belarusians need, what will distinguish us. From the Russians too,” Father said.

Such statements prompted political scientist Dmitry Yevstafiev to speculate about the multi-vector nature of Alexander Grigorievich. He considers Lukashenko to be a historical person who successfully promotes and implements his concept. One day the president will do something very impressive, the expert is sure.

According to Evstafiev, Lukashenka’s multi-vector nature is manifested in his slogans. When Alexander Grigorievich came into politics, he said one thing. After becoming president, Old Man began to say something else, and his term of office is accompanied by statements different from previous ones. At the same time, all slogans corresponded to the wind of time, the political scientist believes.

However, the people should always be careful, since the search for a new ideological justification for the long presidential term of Alexander Lukashenko at any moment can lead to grave consequences for the Belarusians, Yevstafiev warned.


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