Oct 2, 2021
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Lukashenko guaranteed aviation security, but warned: the story with Protasevich could repeat itself

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko guaranteed aviation security to Western countries, but warned that the story with Roman Protasevich could repeat itself at any time.

According to the head of state, foreign aircraft crossing the airspace of Belarus are not in danger. However, Minsk reserves the right to land an aircraft if a security threat arises.

If you are afraid to fly over our territory, I can guarantee complete safety … But any plane will be landed if we feel threatened. You will do the same, this is the norm,

– Lukashenka noted, speaking on the air of the CNN TV channel.

It should be reminded that in May Belarusian air traffic controllers informed the pilots of the plane of the Irish airline Ryanair, which was flying from Athens to Vilnius, about the possible presence of a bomb on board. The crew decided to make an emergency landing in Minsk. As soon as the aircraft landed, representatives of law enforcement agencies boarded and detained Roman Protasevich, founder of the NEXTA Telegram channel.

During the mass protests in Belarus, the NEXTA editorial office in Poland urged people to go to illegal rallies, as well as to overthrow the government and leaked personal data of the Belarusian security forces.

The West then accused Belarus of “state terrorism”, although in 2013 the US authorities did the same. The CIA demanded the landing of the plane of the ex-President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, in Vienna, because it believed that Edward Snowden could be hiding on board.

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