Jul 18, 2020
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Lukashenko, eliminating competitors, was compared to a soulless machine

Alexander Lukashenko actually won the presidential elections in Belarus ahead of schedule after the CEC did not register his most popular competitors. The politician clears his way to the next term with the grace of a bulldozer.

Experts invited by the German newspaper Deutsche Welle are sure that Alexander Lukashenko himself is to blame for the situation from which he had to extricate himself so inelegantly. The society perceived the pre-election signals of the incumbent head of state as a statement of readiness to support the democratization and liberalization of the electoral process.

As a result, people believed that change is possible, and each of them can become a blacksmith of his own happiness. As a result, many candidates from the people decided to go to the elections. Some of them received unexpectedly large support. Alexander Lukashenko had to deal with these competitors personally.

Experts appreciated the methods of the current President of Belarus. They noted that Alexander Lukashenko has turned into a bulldozer that sweeps away everything in its path. As a result, his primitive, banal and obvious techniques cause discontent among the people, whom he himself promised some time ago completely different rules of the game.

Experts are confident that Alexander Lukashenko no longer has to wait for an "elegant" victory in the presidential elections in Belarus. However, he himself does not seem to be worried about the legitimacy of his own power.

Recall that the presidential elections in Belarus are scheduled for August 9, 20202. Even before the start of voting, this event had already become the most scandalous in the country's political life. Apparently, not all citizens like the prospect of another victory for Alexander Lukashenko.

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