Oct 2, 2021
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Lukashenko: “Belarus has long been an outpost of the Union State”

“Loss of independence, joining Russia – all these are inventions of the collective West”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko He categorically denied all accusations of human rights violations and the alleged torture of protesters and activists in Minsk. He called such accusations “madness and fiction” and said that he had nothing to apologize for.

Alexander Lukashenko told all this in an interview with an American TV company CNN… The conversation about the possibility of such an interview took place on August 9 of this year during the “Big Conversation with the President” – at a meeting of Lukashenka with representatives of the public in Minsk. This meeting was also attended by a representative CNN, who asked the head of state to give an interview to the TV company. The President agreed on one condition: “If you give everything I say, without stopping, without cutting, without adding.”

On September 30, Alexander Lukashenko answered questions from the channel’s senior international observer CNN in Russia, head of the bureau Matthew Chance… Most of the questions asked by the journalist were not original, they were mainly about migrants and the participation of the Belarusian authorities in the migration crisis in Lithuania and Poland. Matthew Chance even asked if it was true that border guards were feeding migrants with drugs so that they could sleep, while they were being transported to the territory of Lithuania and Poland while sleepy. Alyaksandr Lukashenka called such an accusation insanity and asked to present facts that, he is sure, do not and cannot be.

Remembered CNN journalist and statements Human Rights Watch about the fact that in Belarusian prisons prisoners were beaten and tortured in special torture chambers, for all this, Chance is sure, Lukashenka should now apologize.

However, the President of Belarus is sure that he has nothing to apologize for.

“You know, we do not have a single isolation ward, as you described, like Guantanamo or these bases that the United States and your country have set up in Eastern Europe. As for our isolation wards, where we keep convicts and defendants in criminal cases, they are no worse than in Britain or the United States. I guarantee it to you. I invite you to discuss specific facts, and not statements by some ephemeral human rights organizations, ”

– the press service of the President of Belarus quotes the answer of Alexander Lukashenko.

Despite the obvious provocations, the president was as frank as possible and not only spoke in detail about the problem of illegal migrants, but also invited the journalists themselves on the spot, that is, at the border, to sort out the situation.

“It’s easier to sit in Warsaw and rattle about different topics, avoiding responsibility. But we need to figure it out. Why don’t you want to figure out what’s going on at the border? We are ready for this “,

– Lukashenko said and said that Belarus has repeatedly offered refugees who live on the border to return to Belarus, where they will be provided with normal conditions – winter is ahead. However, the refugees claim that they were promised political asylum in Lithuania and Poland, and they are waiting for three months “Solving your question”

“What does Belarus have to do with it?”, asked the head of state and recalled that migration flows go not only through Belarus, much more illegal immigrants enter the European Union through the Mediterranean Sea, and then through Spain, Italy and Greece, which no one blames that it is they who are to blame for the migration problem.

“Therefore, there is no need to blame Belarus. If they went to Belarus and wanted to stay, and we threw them there, in Poland or Lithuania, you would have made a claim. But today there are no people who want to stay in Belarus, and I am throwing them out. And you are throwing dead people across the border to us “,

– reminded Lukashenko.

Another topic worried about the American journalist – the possible entry of Belarus into the Russian Federation, because in this case, Belarus “Will become an outpost of Russia on the borders of the European Union”… The topic is also not new, and the president once again tried to explain that we are talking about economic cooperation, everything else – the loss of independence, joining Russia – all these are “inventions of the collective West”, nothing more.

“Well, speaking in essence, Belarus has long been an outpost of the Union State of Belarus and Russia. We have created a unified army in this western direction. A single armed group based on the Belarusian army. And in the event of a conflict, we do not hide this, the entire western part of the Russian Armed Forces will support us. I’m not scaring you. I’m just reminding you. Therefore, the talk about the fact that one day there will be this outpost is unfounded. If necessary, this outpost will be created within a month, ”

– stated the head of state.

As for the condition under which Lukashenko agreed to answer the questions, overseas at first they decided to forget about this condition and present to their viewers and readers a set of selected quotes that were of interest from the point of view of the editorial board. Then they showed a video that lasted several minutes, despite the fact that the conversation lasted more than an hour.

After critical remarks appeared in the Belarusian media, on the website CNN the full version of the text was published, however. But finding it is not so easy – only through a search. Yes, and on Youtube– the channel did not publish the full version of the interview. Only a few will find, the rest will look at the “selected” quotes of the “last dictator of Europe” – that’s exactly how CNN calls Alexander Lukashenko.

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