Nov 13, 2021
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Lukashenko: Belarus and Russia work as one state

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus and Russia work as one state. At the same time, both countries retain their sovereignty. He told about this to the National Defense magazine.

“Why scare people that someone will lose independence and sovereignty? That Russia will become part of Belarus, and Belarus will become part of Russia, well, why talk about that? ” – said the president.

He noted that the essence of integration lies in the fact that you need to “just do business and do it.” Lukashenko stressed that he didn’t want the development of integration processes to be perceived in such a way that he wants to “bring Belarus into Russia”. The head of the republic emphasized that today there is no politician in Belarus who could do this. He noted that this process could have been implemented in the mid-1990s, but now “two generations have appeared,” and these, as Lukashenka stressed, are “other people”. The president admitted that he and Russian leader Vladimir Putin have an understanding of this. At the same time, after the collapse of the USSR, the heads of state realized that unity and integration presuppose unification, but now “the time has changed,” Lukashenko said.

On November 4, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko signed the integration decree of the Union State. The document approved 28 union programs approved in September, as well as key areas for the implementation of the provisions of the Agreement on the creation of the SG for 2021-2023.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin said that cutting off Russian gas supplies to Europe by Belarus would be in violation of the contract. So he commented on the statement of Alexander Lukashenko, who threatened the European Union by cutting off gas transit through the Yamal-Europe transnational gas pipeline.

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