Jan 17, 2022
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Lukashenko announced the activity of Ukrainian troops near the borders of Belarus

Ukraine is building up a military contingent near the borders of Belarus, said President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko. His words are reported by the BelTA agency.

The Belarusian leader clarified that Kiev “continues to concentrate units of the national guard from” radical nationalists “.

“This is even worse than NATO servicemen, and all this is in close proximity to the state border of our country,” Lukashenka said.

He indicated that this would again be held under the guise of fighting migrants. Lukashenka also said that over 30,000 military men “with equipment, weapons, and so on” were concentrated in Poland and the Baltic states near the borders with Belarus.

Lukashenka noted that about 8-10 thousand US military are now in Poland and the Baltic countries.

“What are Americans to do here? Why should we, Russia, be reproached for carrying out some kind of maneuvers, exercises, and so on, if you have come to distant lands here?” – commented the Belarusian leader and added that Belarus hears the statements of “individual” hot heads “about readiness for war.

“Warsaw turned to the leadership of the North Atlantic bloc, which is now telephoning with Russia in negotiations, they really want Russia to be right – to drag out, hush up all these negotiations, ideas and present it as if nothing is happening, but we see what is happening, with a request to deploy in this region, a multi-echelon system of logistics and technical support,” Lukashenka said.

Recall that the Polish soldier Emil Chechko, who had previously fled to Belarus, said that he was aware of the murder of more than 240 migrants. He asked Minsk for political asylum “due to disagreement with the ongoing policy of Poland regarding the migration crisis and the practice of inhumane treatment of refugees.”

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