Jan 12, 2021
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Lukashenko about Tikhanovskaya: “The special services of Lithuania and Poland are financing, directing, determining her course”

The President of Belarus spoke in an interview with “Russia 1” about the attitude towards the opposition

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko gave a great interview to a Russian journalist Nail Asker-zade… There was an interview on the TV channel “Russia 1” in the author’s program “Characters”. Interviews of the head of Belarus are usually always resonant, this is also distinguished by an unusual format: Alexander Grigorievich does not just sit and answer questions, it turned out to be a long conversation in the presidential office, and on the ice hockey ice, and at the home table with pancakes.

During a long conversation, Lukashenka also answered questions about the Belarusian opposition, in particular about the “leader” of this opposition Svetlana Tikhanovskayawho currently lives in Lithuania.

According to the Belarusian president, Tikhanovskaya herself is nothing, it’s just “The voice of those people who stand behind it today”

“The special services of Lithuania and Poland are financing, directing, determining its course. I don’t think it’s Ukraine, but they are trying to be there somewhere nearby. We have a unanimous opinion, Russians and Belarusians, the corresponding people, that the United States is in charge of all this, and we also note the active role of the United States on our part. A center has been created, over a hundred people work in it near Warsaw, and from there the puppeteers pull the strings. They also sound. I don’t want to talk badly about it, but I must say that Svetlana is not able to formulate even an elementary thought and clothe it in some form and offer it even on the Telegram channel. All this is processed and offered to her from the hands of others ”,

– Alexander Lukashenko is sure.

As for his meeting with representatives of the opposition, which took place in the KGB detention center, he does not regret it, considering that such a meeting was useful. In addition, everyone around persistently offered to negotiate with the opposition, “Especially the Russian liberal wing”

“I saw people who wanted to be in power, aspired to come to power. I listened to them. I understood what Belarus would be like if they came to power. Well, much, much more. Thus, I demonstrated that we can conduct a dialogue with anyone, if someone wants it, ”

– said the head of state, noting that that meeting lasted four hours, after which Sergei Tikhanovsky, who is in the pre-trial detention center, was allowed to speak on the phone with his wife Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. During a telephone conversation, the husband advised his wife to act much harder, explaining this by necessity.

At that time, mass rallies were taking place in Minsk and in some other large Belarusian cities.

However, Alexander Lukashenko does not regret that he allowed this telephone conversation, which showed the essence of the opposition leaders.

“It’s just humanly inconceivable – a person is under investigation, he is allowed to call, but he spoke in this way. This characterizes him, and I am glad that many, including in Russia, saw this man. Therefore, I have no regrets “,

– said the president.

When asked about fate Maria Kolesnikova, One of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya’s comrades-in-arms, Lukashenko replied that an investigation is currently underway in her case, but he does not delve into the details and cannot say anything about this.

Let us remind you that protest rallies in Belarus began in August last year after the victory of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential elections. The protesters are demanding the president’s resignation and new elections. On Sunday, January 10, when this interview was watched in Belarus and Russia, those who support the Belarusian opposition again took to the streets of Minsk, but their number has greatly decreased compared to the summer. In addition, Belarusians traditionally came out to meet the march with white-red-white opposition flags with state flags in support of the current president.

As the president says, “There is a normal democratic process in the country”

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