Feb 18, 2021
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Lukashenka’s team discusses the conditions for leaving and prepares a “alternate airfield” in the West – anonymous telegram channel

Alexander Lukashenko’s team is preparing an “alternate airfield” in the West. She discusses the conditions of care in exchange for the interests of the family. This information was released by the administrators of the anonymous Telegram channel.

There are two versions of Alexander Lukashenko in the existing political field. The main one is used for “internal and external consumption” – this is the image of the staunch Old Man, who did not bow down either to citizens or to the West and continued to rule with bayonets.

The second modification is probably aimed at the closest circle. In this hypostasis, Old Man appears as a mossy dictator losing power, who is in a hurry looking for a compromise solution in order to leave with the least losses.

In the anonymous telegram channel “Nezygar” there was a post that Alexander Lukashenko’s team is actively probing the ground for ways of retreat. The matter concerns the discussion of the conditions of departure, as well as the search for a “alternate airfield” in the West. It is noted that the Vatican can act as the guarantor of compliance with the agreements. Time will tell how likely this hypothesis is.

Earlier, the media claimed that in February 2021 Lukashenka will resign and become the chairman of the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly. Political scientists believe that this body can receive the status of the highest state body.

In addition, according to some information, serious disagreements are currently taking place in the Lukashenka family. Allegedly, the sons of Europe’s last dictator insist that he leave the presidency.


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