Jul 31, 2020
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Lukashenka’s rating drops due to coronavirus pandemic

Press Secretary of the President of Belarus Natalya Eismont announced the fall in his rating in the spring. The reason was the unpopular measures taken by Alexander Lukashenko to protect the population from the coronavirus.

The Belarusian authorities initially took the COVID-19 threat seriously. Alexander Lukashenko found it difficult to make decisions to combat the virus. “We have a system of power built in such a way that in fact one person is responsible for everything,” said Natalia Eismont.

According to her, the president would never dare to neglect the interests and health of his compatriots. Lengthy meetings were held at the Palace of Independence, where the best experts were present. Symposia were held at which the epidemiological situation in the country was discussed.

The presidential press secretary admitted that Belarus was not ready for a pandemic. Many cities lacked protective equipment. Within a week, the authorities managed to put their production on track. Hundreds of enterprises have redesigned and provided people with masks and gloves, reports

Over the entire period, COVID-19 was detected in 67.7 thousand citizens of the country. 61.8 thousand people recovered and were discharged from hospitals, 553 patients died. Note that President Alexander Lukashenko did not impose strict restrictions on coronavirus in the country.

The leader of Belarus explained the refusal to close the enterprises for economic reasons. If factories and factories were to stop work for a while, this would lead to a serious crisis in the state. Lukashenko called the situation around COVID-19 in the world psychosis.

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