May 4, 2021
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“Lukashenka is killed, Polish tanks are in Minsk”

In the photo: infantry fighting vehicle (BMP) of Belarus

In the photo: an infantry fighting vehicle (BMP) of Belarus (Photo: Vitaly Skvortsov / TASS, archive)

Washington-appointed US Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fisher in an interview with the TV channel Belsat said that the Americans consider the creation of a united Russian-Belarusian state a red line. However, she made it clear that this process, regardless of Uncle Sam’s wishes, received a powerful impetus.

Time will tell whether this is so or not. But the Yankees perfectly understand what the majority of Belarusians are afraid of – to be in the place of their Ukrainian brothers, who have become impoverished. It will be bad then in the Bulba country! Apparently, after the unsuccessful white-red-white Maidan in the summer and autumn of last year, as well as the failed assassination attempt by the Stars and Stripes special services on the dad, it dawned on Minsk that one day it might be able to walk-field.

So, to a specific question from Belsat “Do you imagine that Russia can join or even occupy Belarus? “The lady of state said: “I really hope it won’t come to that. The United States attaches great importance to the sovereignty and independence of Belarus. These values ​​are also important to other Western countries. I’m afraid it’s like Belarus is gradually giving up its sovereignty and independence … ”.

In the photo: ex-presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya (center), US Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fischer (center right), Polish Ambassador to Belarus Arthur Mikhalsky (center left), US Ambassador to Lithuania Robert Stuart Gilchrist (right) during a flower-laying ceremony dedicated to the anniversary of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, April 21, 2021
In the photo: ex-presidential candidate of Belarus Svetlana Tikhanovskaya (center), US Ambassador to Belarus Julie Fischer (center right), Polish Ambassador to Belarus Arthur Mikhalsky (center left), US Ambassador to Lithuania Robert Stuart Gilchrist (right) during a flower-laying ceremony to mark the anniversary of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, April 21, 2021 (Photo: AP Photo / Mindaugas)

At the same time, Fischer really wants to get from Lukashenka a letter of trust, and so much so that she recognized the father even as the head of Belarus, de facto draining Tikhanovskaya… However, the US ambassador avoided answering the question head-on whether the Americans consider Alexander Grigorievich a legitimate president. But why Julie really needs to go to Minsk, the lady did not hide. If Fischer fails to repeat the Kiev success Victoria Nuland, not to see a career in the State Department, as your own ears.

“We intend to continue to support those who work in favor of the new elections, – she shared her plans for Minsk… – This is very important for us, we focus our attention and efforts on this. Currently, an important constructive dialogue with the leaders of the protest movement under the auspices of the OSCE is being conducted, this is now of paramount importance, and we are concentrating our actions on this. “

In short, the US intends to continue rocking the Belarusian boat. It should be understood that the most powerful protests in the capital of Belarus have subsided, but, unlike the provinces, in the main city of the republic there are indeed plenty of enemies for the father. Of the 2 million population of the capital, according to American analytical institutes, about 100 thousand Minsk residents are even ready for barricades and unrest.

According to the Western expert community, Lukashenka reconsidered his capabilities after protracted internal protests in 2020. Minsk no longer looks down on the “white-red-white revolutionaries” supported by Washington, Brussels and especially Warsaw. The dad, despite his gallant appearance, realizes what kind of monsters are aiming at Belarus.

In particular, the political professors of the Lexington Institute (Arlington, Virginia), relying on information from American intelligence, believe that Lukashenko himself is asking for the “Moscow agenda”, despite his many years of resistance to the economic invasion of a powerful neighbor.

Say, Alexander Grigorievich, a man is far from stupid. He understands that he actually has little choice. Or die politically, like Yanukovych (worse, even physically, sharing a sad fate Gaddafi), or agree to patronage Putinhiding under the protection of the Russian army.

The very fact that the “Belarusian” analyst of the Lexington Institute was published by the Pentagon portal Real Clear Defense testifies to the so-called “Minsk consensus” of Washington. His idea is that in the global world small countries are doomed to be absorbed by the Centers of Power – the United States, China or the Russian Federation. Even if formally sovereignty is retained, small states become impoverished colonies, the purpose of which is to serve the political and economic interests of the metropolis. The first means the right to die for the sake of the overlord, the second – guarantees the “milking” of national resources in favor of the overlord. The third is simply not given.

What is happening now between Moscow and Minsk, asks the question Sarah White, senior research analyst at the Lexington Institute, an expert on Belarus. On the one hand, officials in both the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus made statements denying the existence of plans to unite the Russian and Belarusian states or the Armed Forces. On the other hand, the allies behave in an extremely coordinated manner.

The Belarusian Defense Ministry announced the transfer of a tank battalion to the border with Poland, thereby sending a hostile signal to Warsaw. The Russian Defense Ministry is conducting both ground and naval exercises near Ukraine. Moscow and Minsk show Washington, Brussels and Warsaw that they can fight. Sarah White writes that Biden took Putin’s threats through his spokesman seriously Peskova: “They stayed away from the escalating situation in Ukraine for their own good.”

Such coordination and mutual support scares the West in earnest. The US is convinced that Putin will take advantage of the situation that has presented Lukashenka with an obvious choice. “Moscow has already sent new diplomats with strong relations to Minsk from the president RF“White notes. According to her, “This time Russia’s strategy is much more subtle than in previous cases of expansionist actions. What is happening to Belarus is tantamount to mild aggression ”.

Meanwhile, it is simply impossible to leave out provocative phrases like “soft aggression” or “inconspicuous absorption of Belarus by Russia”. The Kremlin will not be able to dismiss them as annoying flies. In short, this does not work here: Russophobes can indeed cause a quarrel between two fraternal peoples. Ukraine is a vivid proof of this.

For Belarusian nationalists, articles about the rapprochement of the two fraternal republics act like a red rag against a bull, if only because Putin is under criticism within Russia for supporting the home-grown oligarchy affiliated with the “vertical”.

From the point of view of White and her fellow Russian specialists, the Kremlin is making a big mistake when it separates foreign and domestic policy. And Washington is trying to take advantage of this Putin miscalculation, telling the same Belarusians: “You don’t want it like in Russia, where the economic situation is deteriorating … look at our just American or European society, in which the rich are taxed in favor of the poor, which does not interfere the economy to develop. “

One can cite as an example Ukraine, which has become the territory of 404, but, alas, the supporters of rapprochement between Russia and Belarus cannot be trumped by the social stratification in our country and the total corruption of the “vertical”.

Media reviews in neighboring republics clearly show that propagandists like “Solovyov and Kiselev”, no matter how many millions you pay them, fail to blabber unpleasant facts. Yes, in our country they succeed to some extent, but, we repeat, not in Belarus and Ukraine. That is why accusations against Russia, they say, the Russian Federation is pursuing an aggressive policy towards its neighbors, resonate in the hearts of many Ukrainians and Belarusians.

“According to the Warsaw Center for Oriental Studies (OSW), more than 60% of Belarusians believe that their country should draw inspiration from the periods when they were not ruled by Russia, – notes Sarah White… “Along with these imperial predecessors, a smaller number of respondents pointed to the Belarusian People’s Republic as a relatively positive example of a state more than independent in name, despite its short existence as an anti-Bolshevik entity against the backdrop of the consequences of the Russian revolution.”

Like this! The problem is that the “Belarusian” analyst of the Lexington Institute, which relies on OSW polls, does not carry elements of propaganda. Means, at least deserves respect. Hiding from these facts is like pursuing an ostrich policy. The main task of the Kremlin is not to persuade Lukashenka, but to defeat the enemy, which is the United States in the minds of ordinary Belarusians.

But the point of no return has not been passed, also thanks to the Ukrainian useful idiots in power. On the whole, supporters of rapprochement and even unification of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus still have an advantage. If this happens, then, by Western standards, a catastrophe will occur, capable of destroying the neighboring square.

Thus, in the event of the unification of Russia and Belarus, the West will try to repeat the white-red-white coup. But there is also option “B” – this is, apparently, the lightning-fast seizure of Minsk by the Polish army, the elimination of Lukashenka and the establishment of their own puppet government. In any case, such a conclusion suggests itself from the “Belarusian” analysts of the Lexington Institute.

According to Sarah White, Warsaw has already acquired F-35 fighters, allegedly not visible to Russian radars. The expert adds:

“The ability to purchase 500 American M1 Abrams tanks would immediately ease some of Poland’s stress.” in connection with the possible unification of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

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