Feb 17, 2021
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Lukashenka is doing everything to grow anger in Belarusian society – economist Margolin

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko made an angry speech at the national assembly against private entrepreneurs. The head of the republic threatened the business with liquidation for refusing to work for the regime.

Economist Lev Margolin recalled that at the dawn of his presidency, Alexander Lukashenko often criticized private entrepreneurs, calling them “lousy fleas.” The politician dreamed of “shaking hands with the last businessman” after he raised all state-owned enterprises in Belarus.

According to the expert, today state-run enterprises are in a worse state than before, but Lukashenka’s desire to deal with private business has only grown stronger. The President intends to take revenge on entrepreneurs for participating in protests and strikes.

The Ministry of Finance of Belarus today is considering the possibility of toughening the working conditions for private business. Among the proposals are an increase in tax rates to 16%, the introduction of a 13% fee for withdrawing cash over three thousand rubles and much more, reports

Margolin noted that during the pandemic, many private enterprises suffered losses, and if in most countries the authorities are thinking how to help the victims, in Belarus the opposite is true. Business owners have three options: try to survive under the new tax system, go underground, or shut down.

“In my opinion, everything is being done so that anger in society grows,” the expert said.


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