Feb 22, 2021
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Lukashenka about talking face to face with Putin: We can discuss our problems in any form

In Sochi, talks were held between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. The Russian commander-in-chief noted that cooperation is in demand at different levels.

An event took place that attracted the attention of the world press. Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko held talks in Sochi.

Vladimir Vladimirovich said that the Russian and Belarusian sides hold meetings between the heads of regional management structures on an annual basis. The commander-in-chief noted that this form of cooperation is extremely important, since a significant part of economic ties was formed in this way.

Putin added that the Russian Federation remains the brotherly republic’s largest trading partner. According to the Russian president, total investments in the Belarusian economy are estimated at more than $ 4 billion.

Alexander Lukashenko also spoke about an important stage in cooperation between the two countries. He said that practically all “road maps” of interaction between Russia and Belarus are ready for signing.

It should be noted that Alexander Grigorievich was pleased with the opportunity to talk with a colleague face to face. “We can discuss our serious problems in any form,” the press quotes him. Putin, in turn, offered Lukashenka to go skiing after the official part of the event.


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