Sep 17, 2020
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Luka Zatravkin, who broke the pool in a Turkish hotel, said that he did not ask his father Nikas Safronov for help

17:38, 09/16/2020

According to the pianist, the painter misunderstood him.

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Last week, musician and son of Nikas Safronov Luka Zatravkin got into an unpleasant situation. Luka decided to jump into the pool of a luxury Turkish hotel, where he spends his vacation. However, Zatravkin, whose weight is more than 200 kilograms, did not calculate the depth and ended up in the children's "paddling pool". Fortunately, not a single child was injured, but Luka seriously injured his legs. Moreover, the hotel employees were obliged to pay the star heir for the broken pool and, allegedly, were forcibly held on the territory. Today Nikas Safronov commented on this situation, saying that he was not going to help his son with money.

However, Luka Zatravkin said that he did not ask for money from the famous father. The musician noted that there was a misunderstanding between him and the parent. In a telephone conversation, Luka mentioned that he did not have enough money to pay for the repairs, and Safronov took this information as a request. However, Zatravkin assured that he did not need financial support from Nikas, and had already borrowed the necessary amount from friends.

Luka Zatravkin reassured fans worried about him

“I called Nikas Stepanovich, he found out how my health was, how my leg was, knowing that I had broken and bruised it. I said that I would probably have to borrow money, and he thought that, most likely, from him. It had nothing to do with him. It was a lengthy story, I borrowed money from one of my friends, since I did not take the required amount with me. I need to pay for the repair of the pool, which has already been repaired, "- said the painter's son.

By the way, earlier it was reported that Luka Zatravkin must pay 19 thousand dollars to the hotel management. Luka explained that the whole pool costs so much, but only the protective covering needs repair. The musician said that he had to pay only 2 thousand dollars, and his friends had already sent him the required amount. Zatravkin also stressed that no one was holding him by force on the territory of the hotel. The successor star noted that all the staff treat him extremely kindly and respectfully. “I read such a terrible headline today. I was horrified - it turns out that I am being held captive! " - Zatravkin joked in a conversation with the correspondent of Channel Five.

Luka Zatravkin showed his breakfast in a Turkish hotel

Recall that the artist's overweight son said in March that he sets himself the goal of reaching the weight of an adult lion - 250 kilograms. To do this, Zatravkin needed to gain 26 kilograms. However, after the musician said that this statement was just a joke. Say, he decided to react this way to constant comments and tactless advice about excess weight. However, Luca recently showed a breakfast in a Turkish hotel in a video on his microblog on Instagram, consisting of scrambled eggs, a basket of buns, various types of cheese and fruits. It is worth noting that earlier Zatravkin lost weight at the insistence of his father and even reached the mark of 73 kilograms, but a sharp weight loss led to serious health problems.

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