Jan 12, 2022
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Lt. Col. Garbuzyuk “ruled” the pogroms in Alma-Ata

The pogroms in Alma-Ata were "ruled" by Lieutenant Colonel Garbuzyuk

Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS

The Ukrainian special services not only took a direct part in the preparation of the January riots in Kazakhstan, but also coordinated the actions of the pogromists. Information allowing to draw the appropriate conclusions is published by the Telegram channel “Joker DNR”.

According to this data, the hackers who cooperate with the TG managed to hack into several resources of the secret services of Ukraine. And to find out, thus, that the administration of the information resources of the “Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan” organization, which was behind the attempted coup in this Central Asian republic, was carried out by a career officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Garbuzyuk Andrey Nikolaevich

And not just an officer, but a lieutenant colonel of the 83rd Center for Information and Psychological Operations in Odessa (this already complements the “Joker” military expert Boris Rozhin).

As part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in addition to the Odessa one, there are three more such centers – in Brovary, Kiev region, Guiva near Zhitomir and in Lvov. These units were created with the direct assistance of the US military and are part of the Special Operations Forces (MTR). The main task of these so-called “sofa troops” is to conduct psychological operations and information sabotage against Russia and its allies.

As for Garbuzyuk, despite the fact that he himself and his activities fall under the Law on the State Secrets of Ukraine, a lot is known about him today. From passport data, to e-mail addresses and phone numbers that the lieutenant colonel used – before, at least, he got “under the hood” of Donetsk hackers.

Recall that the movement “Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan” (in Kazakhstan the organization is recognized as extremist and banned – approx.) Was created by an ex-banker sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment in the republic for murder Mukhtar Ablyazov, who calls himself the leader of the Kazakh opposition. At one time he himself fled to London, then to Paris. But in Kiev, under the control of the SBU and curators from the United States, the “DCK headquarters” still operates, through which, in fact, Lieutenant Colonel Garbuzyuk managed the protests in Alma-Ata and other cities of Kazakhstan.

And he was helped by two citizens of this country living in Ukraine – a 23-year-old Eldos Nasipbekov and 27 year old Zamanbek Tleuliev… Young people directly transferred tasks to the rioters, using the very phone numbers through which the “Ablyazov’s headquarters” called for coordinating the protests.

Boris Rozhin pays special attention to the fact that the data of these subscribers has been removed from the database controlled by the SBU, which, he believes, once again confirms the connection between the putschists and the Security Service of Ukraine.

As for the beating of the activists of the “Ablyazov’s headquarters” by the SBU officers, when Tleuliev’s teeth were allegedly knocked out, it, according to the expert, most likely “was covering up traces, after they noticed that the“ Garbuzyuk’s special operation ”was conducted through Ukrainian numbers and communications of the Ukrainian special services with Ablyazov it becomes too obvious. “

However, the fugitive banker himself immediately after the incident with the coordinators of his headquarters in Kiev hastened to distance himself from the riots in his homeland, saying that he had nothing to do with them. Although literally two days earlier, on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel, he openly called for the “overthrow of the Nazarbayev regime.”

In fact, this whole story with the participation of the special services of Ukraine in the attempted coup d’etat in Kazakhstan is quite pulling into a good international scandal. But how it will end in reality for Kiev is not yet very clear …

SP asked to comment on the situation expert on the post-Soviet space, historian Armen Gasparyan:

– Actually, this is not the first time that Ukraine is trying to influence political processes in the former republics of the Soviet Union. You can recall, for example, the events of the summer of 2020, when approximately the same thing happened in Belarus. The participation of Ukrainian radicals in anti-presidential actions was not a secret for anyone at that time. As well as the fact that Kiev almost officially hosted the headquarters of the Belarusian opposition, which from the Ukrainian capital were coordinating street protests in Minsk.

On a formal basis, citizens of Belarus worked in this direction. But, in fact, everyone understood perfectly well that this was one of the parts of the operation of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Of course, it was easier with Belarus. Because in appearance, you can still distinguish a Kazakh from a Belarusian. It is difficult to distinguish a Ukrainian from a Belarusian visually.

But, nevertheless, there are no unsolvable problems. There is always an asset. I will say roughly – the liberal international of scum, who does not care at all where to create chaos.

Right now – in Kazakhstan. And the call center is in Kiev again.

Ukrainian TV channels provide the most direct support for vandals and looters. Ukrainian activists are flying the largest flag of Kazakhstan into the sky – this is how they welcomed the unrest in Kazakhstani cities. The fugitive banker Ablyazov does not crawl out of the local media.

“SP”: – And what now, when the rioters have been pacified?

– The only thing that Ukraine can achieve here is to quarrel with Kazakhstan as well. Relations with Belarus have been spoiled, and now, apparently, the same thing awaits them with Kazakhstan.

Another question is whether there will be any adequate international reaction to the role of the “independent” in these events. I honestly doubt it. As long as the West supports any political divertissements of the Kiev authorities, the correct conclusions will not be drawn.

Although one day, as smart people say, quantity may well turn into quality, and then the consequences, I hope, will not escape them.

But so far the Ukrainian special services are not an independent phenomenon. What to say if they headed the SBU Nalyvaichenkowho was recruited by the CIA when he was still serving as the consul general of the Ukrainian embassy in Washington. And after 2014, American intelligence generally feels at home not only in Kiev.

That is, from this point of view, Ukraine is not absolutely independent. But she is a conductor of ideas and sentiments that exist in Western democracies. Which is constantly shown to us.

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