May 2, 2021
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Loza commented on the booze around Proklova

The artist believes that the 67-year-old actress has made herself anti-advertising in an attempt to remind her of her personality. In his opinion, the statement had no other target.

Loza commented on the booze around Proklova

Singer Yuri Loza commented on Elena Proklova’s statement about harassment from the famous artist. The actress at that time was only 15 years old. She did not dignify the name directly, however, by an indirect sign, the public suggested that it was Oleg Tabakov.

Loza ruled that Proklova tried so hard to remind herself of herself, but she made anti-advertising to her person. The singer says that the stars go to different measures in order not to remain in oblivion. Actually, therefore, very old stories emerge, writes “MK”.

Loza also recalled that last year a case of 50 years ago was discussed, and he was very surprised that this was remembered. Then the opera singer Placido Domingo was blamed.

Earlier, the actress Tatyana Dogileva reacted to the situation.

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