Aug 1, 2022
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Lovers who have been dating for almost two years have never kissed

lovers have never kissedFor most couples in love, kissing is an important part of a romantic relationship, but not for Caitlin O’Neal and her boyfriend.

lovers have never kissed

Young people have been dating for almost two years now. Initially, Caitlyn made the decision not to have intimate relationships due to religious beliefs and a desire to keep herself innocent until marriage. But once a woman realized that kissing is also something very intimate. Therefore, when Caitlin and her lover decided to meet, she set the condition that before the wedding there would be not only sex, but also kisses. The young man fully accepted the life principles of his beloved girl.

lovers have never kissed

Caitlin said that such a relationship sometimes causes unkind attention from others. Some people claim that in fact our heroes do not love each other, but are just friends. Others are completely ready to suspect a young man that he likes men. But Caitlin and her lover are ready to close their eyes to all this negativity and enjoy their love, even if it seems bizarre to some. Everyone has the right to non-standard relationships – the heroine of this story is sure.

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