Oct 15, 2021
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Lover Christina Asmus figured out fans


Actress Christina Asmus carefully hides her personal life.

For several months now, Christina Asmus has been intriguing fans with changes on the personal front. The actress admitted that soon after the divorce she started an affair, however, she did not disclose the name of the chosen one. However, fans have figured out the identity of the alleged boyfriend.

So, there are rumors that 33-year-old Christina Asmus is dating the executive producer of the television series Boris Kokin. Fans compared the footage that the alleged lovers posted on their social networks.

In the summer, the actress was resting outside the city, where she shot a romantic video with her boyfriend. In the video, she rode a motorcycle, gently hugging the driver. The blonde didn’t show the man’s face, but his gray sweatshirt got into the frame. Users noticed that the image of the mysterious chosen one suspiciously resembles Boris. The producer can indeed often be seen wearing similar clothes and driving a bike. By the way, both of them are also subscribed to each other on Instagram.

The alleged lover of Christina Asmus
The alleged lover of Christina Asmus

So far, subscribers have no confirmation of a possible affair. And Christina Asmus is in no hurry to reveal the identity of the chosen one, however, she noted that relatives and friends are already familiar with him. Obviously, there is a serious relationship between lovers. “I just don’t consider it necessary to post my personal here. Remember, I didn’t show a child for five years, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t give birth.“, – she answers the questions of subscribers.

The 37-year-old producer himself, judging by the photos on social networks, is happy in a relationship with a spectacular brunette and has two children. Asmus, on the other hand, tries not to pay attention to gossip and enjoys the changes in his personal life.

I’m just in absolute love. In addition to the powerful care from my daughter and a loved one, two cool projects were sent to me, – the actress shares. – Schedule and health are hellish, but these are two unique sites where everything is built on love, support and hugs. I do not vomit roles with blood, I do not strain. I am happy to fly to both projects“.

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