Jun 30, 2020
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Love at risk for life – Season 1 Russia (2020 – 2020)

The plot of the series "Love at Risk for Life" Season 1

The series "Love at Risk for Life" Season 1 tells of the fate of Olga, an ordinary Russian woman. She is raising a daughter, Ksenia, trying in every possible way to maintain a relationship, despite the fact that the young girl lives in a hostel of the educational institution. Every day, the heroine calls her beloved girl to find out how things are going. But once no one answers her - there is frightening silence on the other end of the wire. A few phone calls do not give a result, and then the woman goes to the hostel.

The heroine of the series “Love at Risk for Life” finds out that Ksenia was not gone alone, but with her close friend. The situation is heating up. Then, in season 1, viewers will find out that both missing girls had an affair with a handsome Ivan. He is the son of an influential entrepreneur who is about to pursue a political career. Investigators carefully examine Ivan’s apartment and find blood in it.


The filming became known in 2019. Initially, the creators of the project planned four episodes of 45 minutes each. The main role in the 1st season of the series was given to Olga Kulikova. The audience immediately noted that it is ideal for the film project "Love at Risk for Life", as it has previously been filmed in such dramas.

Actors about the series

Maria Kulikova, the performer of the role of Olga in season 1, said: “I am often criticized for the same kind of movie roles that I play. I myself am glad to play some fundamentally different character. But what can I do if melodramatic and dramatic stories are in demand today. I was offered to star in the film "Love at Risk for Life," and I agreed. I understood that the project was relevant. "

The famous Russian actor Vladimir Reznik noted: “My main task is to reveal the inner world of my character. He can shoot, run away from the police, fall in love, betray, it doesn’t matter, the goal always remains the same - to convey the feelings of his hero. True, by virtue of the storyline and the creators’s intentions do not always succeed in doing it 100 percent. I hope the audience will like my character in this picture. "

Interesting facts series "Love at Risk for Life" Season 1

  • Director Peter Stepin is known to the public as the creator of numerous mini-series for Russian TV. His track record includes such projects as “Hunting for the Faithful,” “This Woman is to Me,” and “The Color of Blind Cherry.”
  • The premiere took place on the channel "Russia" on April 11.

Where to watch the series "Love at Risk for Life" Season 1

There are no problems with the source for viewing. All four episodes can be found on the Internet: in online cinemas and free video hosting.

When new series

The premiere took place not so long ago, and the creators have not said anything about the continuation. But there is a chance that the project is closed, as the last series turned out with a logical ending, not suggesting a sequel.

Watch the series Love at Risk for Life - Season 1 Online

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