Jun 26, 2021
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Lots of ways to shamefully lose the war

US leaves Afghanistan – Taliban are close to complete victory

On June 22, two weeks before the complete withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban seized the Imam Sahib region in Kunduz province on the border with the Pyanj region of the Khatlon region of Tajikistan, the Afghan news agency Pazhvok reported.

A little earlier, Taliban militants captured 8 more districts of the Tahor region on the border with Tajikistan. A key section of the Tajik-Afghan border, the Sherkhan-Bandar customs and trade crossing, was seized. Afghan military masses surrender to the Taliban, often with equipment, weapons, staff documents. The Taliban have surrounded the strategically important city of Kunduz and now control large border areas along the narrow Panj River.

Dangerous for Tajikistan is the exit of the Taliban to Gorno Badakhshan (Pamir), where the local population does not consider themselves Tajiks and belongs to the Ismaili sense of Islam. The high-mountainous part of Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Okrug is of little use for life, but here the only road from Afghanistan to Tajikistan runs through the passes. Here the borders of Tajikistan, Afghanistan and China converge. The local population does not actually recognize the authorities in Dushanbe. One of the main drug trafficking routes from Afghanistan to Russia and further to Europe passes through Gorny Badakhshan.

In 2012, there was an armed uprising in GBAO, when the local population demanded the withdrawal of government troops and the provision of greater autonomy to the region. Representatives of the Aga Khan Foundation, an organization created by the head of the global Ismaili community and controlled by British intelligence MI6, played an active role in these events. As a result, government troops were withdrawn from the administrative center of GBAO, the city of Khorog, and immunity was guaranteed to all protesters and militants.

According to some reports, in 2001, MI6 and the British military intelligence DIS took control of drug traffic in the Kunduz province, which is now being stormed by the Taliban, and in 2002, drug traffic through GBAO.

The “moment of truth”, that is, the fall of the pro-American regime in Afghanistan, may come a few months after the withdrawal of American troops, writes IN wall Street Magazine: “The US intelligence community has come to the conclusion that the Afghan government could collapse within six months after the completion of the US withdrawal from the country … The Taliban swept through northern Afghanistan, capturing dozens of districts and nearby major cities. Afghan security forces have often surrendered without a fight, leaving the militants their Hummers and other US-supplied equipment. ”

June 24, reports CNN, the Taliban came close to Mazar-i-Sharif, the largest city in Afghanistan and an important transport hub between the Afghan north, on the one hand, and Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, on the other. The Taliban are recapturing government forces region by region: since May 2021, 90 regions have passed under their control, according to their statements, and according to UN Special Envoy for Afghanistan Deborah Lyon, – at least 50 out of 370 regions of the country. Most of the captured territories are large cities. “The Taliban are preparing to take over the provincial capitals as soon as foreign troops leave the country,” said Deborah Lyon.

CNN has obtained a video in which the Afghan military, without firing a single shot, give the Taliban a large column of military equipment that they have inherited from the Americans, in particular armored vehicles. Humvee… Many parts of Afghanistan have surrendered as a result of negotiations between elders and militants. Afghan soldiers who go over to the Taliban are paid salaries that the soldiers have not seen for months.

After the departure of the Americans, thousands of Afghans will remain in the country who collaborated with the invaders (mainly as translators), now they fear for their lives: the Taliban have repeatedly staged demonstrative executions of themselves and their relatives, according to the report of Al-Jazeera. According to Matthew Zeller, co-founder of the veteran charity No one is left behind, more than 70 thousand people “will be killed if we do not get them out of Afghanistan right now,” and this will deprive Americans of local assistance in future conflicts: “Few will help the United States if they present” American friendship as a death sentence “(American friendship as a death sentence), Zeller emphasizes.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai in an interview Associated Press said that the outgoing US troops are leaving behind “disgrace and disaster” (complete disgrace and catastrophe): “The US and NATO campaign was not directed against extremism or terrorism, but against Afghan villages and hopes; put Afghans in prisons, create prisons in our country … and bomb all villages. “

“It is already clear with Afghanistan that we cannot win this war,” writes Wall Street Magazine– but there are still a lot of ways to lose it shamefully. “

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