Sep 6, 2021
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Look into the future

At the IMTF “ARMY-2021”, as one would expect, were shown not just the new armaments and military equipment, but the best innovative achievements of the Russian engineering school. Among them, a special place is occupied by developments for the Strategic Missile Forces. The deputy commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Lieutenant General Andrei Burbin, spoke about them.

– Andrey Anatolyevich, how did the strategic missilemen surprise the visitors of the IMTF “ARMY-2021” this time?

– In 2021, the Strategic Missile Forces were the most widely represented at the Forum. Traditionally, the Strategic Missile Forces took part in the events of the scientific and business program, showed the most promising developments of the universities of the Strategic Missile Forces and the 4th Central Research Institute of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and also demonstrated the launch battery of the mobile missile system.

The novelties of our static exposition were the operating samples of the unified unit of the M210 rescue group and the transportable nitric-oxygen production station (STAD-100).

In addition, the Perm Suvorov Military School, the first of the open in the post-Soviet space, took part in the 6th Dronbiathlon Championship using remotely controlled models.

– Can we talk about any breakthrough inventions? What have the innovators demonstrated?

– The innovators and inventors of the Strategic Missile Forces took part in the exposition of the Main Directorate of Combat Training of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and presented a number of innovative developments that had not been previously demonstrated. In the field of artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicles, information technology, information processing and storage devices, as well as prototype and bench solutions for visual demonstration of breakthrough technologies. In total, within the framework of this exposition, 8 developments were announced, for example, “Ammunition for a grenade launcher against unmanned aerial vehicles”, “Portable unmanned aerial vehicle for multipurpose purposes” and other inventions.

– How are inventions and innovative technologies selected for subsequent exhibiting at international events?

– Interest in the ARMY forum remains unchanged, since this site is one of the main places annually demonstrating innovative and breakthrough technologies. The selection of innovative inventions in the Strategic Missile Forces is carried out as follows. During the year, monthly meetings of commissions specially created at the Strategic Missile Forces Military Academy are held, at which inventors demonstrate dozens of works and defend their technical solutions. In the case when an exhibit on the basis of specially developed rating tables is recognized by the commissions as worthy for presentation at the international level from the point of view of scientific novelty, relevance and development prospects, it is “sent” to various competitions, both by the Russian Ministry of Defense and at the interdepartmental level. And then, according to the competitive principle – whoever is rated higher is the one who represents the academy at the IMTF.


– What new models of equipment have been demonstrated at the forum?

– For the first time, the mobile nitrogen production station STAD-100, which I have already mentioned, was presented. Under a pressure of 400 atmospheres STAD-100 produces oxygen, nitrogen, air in liquefied and gaseous form at any point in the positioning area from atmospheric air. The complex includes technological and compressor machines, as well as a diesel power plant. The conducted state and interdepartmental tests showed: STAD-100 also produces medical oxygen with a volume fraction of 99.8%, which is currently very important due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation.

In addition, for the first time, we presented a unified unit for the rescue team. It is designed to eliminate and eliminate the consequences of emergencies. I have no doubt that this novelty will attract a lot of attention of our colleagues from other law enforcement agencies and departments.

I will add that in 2020, at the forum, in addition to the traditional battery of a mobile ground rocket complex, promising units based on the KamAZ-6350 vehicle were demonstrated, created as part of the Tekhnologiya-RV development work – these are technical vehicles equipped with the latest technology. providing missile armament, allowing to successfully and comfortably solve tasks for their intended purpose.

– The Strategic Missile Forces receive unique training aids and training systems. Have they been demonstrated before and what are they?

– Over the past five years, the Strategic Missile Forces received more than 300 modern training equipment, all of them are unique in their own way and allow improving the skills of any specialist, both individually and as part of a unit.

The latest training systems provide training not only for duty shifts of missile regiments to take up combat duty, but also for other units of the Strategic Missile Forces, including security and reconnaissance, making it possible to practice the solution of complex tactical tasks in educational buildings.

The software and information content of the latest simulators are identical to those with which real combat vehicles are equipped. They allow you to simulate in virtual space any situation, the dynamics of movement of cars in extreme conditions, taking into account the terrain, various road surfaces and obstacles. Moreover, for each type of weapon supplied to the Strategic Missile Forces, its own simulators are created, which are combined into one training network, and provide training according to a single concept.

Some of them were presented at the Forum, such as the Typhoon-M anti-sabotage combat vehicle complex simulator designed to train the crew for the protection and defense of the Yars missile complex units on the march, field launch positions and at the point of permanent deployment.

– How many years have the Strategic Missile Forces been participating in the International Military-Technical Forum?

– Forum “ARMY-2021” has become for us the seventh in a row. Strategic missile men were widely represented there, because every year the exposition of the Missile Forces is expanding and renewing.

The Forum is one of the main platforms for informal, live communication of specialists of various profiles, uniting representatives of the Ministry of Defense, defense industry enterprises, research institutes, higher educational institutions, and many other organizations. Such interaction provides an open dialogue devoid of formalism, contributing to an objective and multifaceted discussion of development issues of both the Strategic Missile Forces and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as a whole, thereby allowing us to develop a common position on existing problems and find optimal ways to resolve them.

Every year, the command of the Strategic Missile Forces attracts industrial enterprises that carry out R&D in the interests of strategic missilemen to the events of the Forum. The representative office of the defense industry complex is becoming more solid and wider every year. Compared, for example, to 2015, when we took part in the Forum for the first time, the number of enterprises has tripled and this year has reached 30 organizations that will present about 1000 high-tech developments.

– What exhibits and scientific achievements did educational institutions show?

– The reputation of the “university of the future” was entrenched in the Strategic Missile Forces Military Academy named after Peter the Great for a reason. In 2020, at the Forum, representatives of the Academy voiced the idea of ​​developing the multimedia capabilities of lecture halls, creating “smart classrooms” in educational institutions. This year we went further and prepared a mockup of such an audience with interactive visualization tools. It was presented as part of the Academy’s exposition at the Military Education – Advanced Technologies and Digital Transformation exhibition.

In the “smart classroom”, according to the plan of the innovators, it is planned to use technical means to monitor the activity, attention and concentration of students during the classes. In other words, with the help of artificial intelligence, the teacher will be able to receive comprehensive information about the degree of involvement of cadets in the learning process and individualize it. It should be emphasized that not only the layout of the “smart audience” was presented at the Forum, but also its software, developed by the university teachers together with the cadets.

In addition, within the framework of the specialized exhibition of the Forum “Day of Innovations”, the universities of the Strategic Missile Forces have prepared a wide range of developments. Of greatest interest are promising pasty fuel for rocket engines and a special device for determining the area of ​​microplastic harnesses, which is also used in rocketry.

– In what events of the scientific and business program of the forum did strategic missilemen take part? What organizations of the Strategic Missile Forces worked at round tables and briefings?

– Within the framework of the scientific and business program of the forum, the Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces named after Peter the Great and the 4th Central Research Institute held round tables dedicated to the training of specialists in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. Considering a fairly wide range of scientific schools operating in the educational institutions of the Strategic Missile Forces, our representatives took part in more than 50 round tables, briefings and conferences.

– What did the Strategic Missile Forces manage to implement in accordance with the decisions and agreements that were reached at the forum sites in previous years?

– Taking into account the previously adopted decisions and agreements, in order to experimentally verify the theoretical provisions and determine the procedure for the further use of the selected developments, relevant studies have been organized and are currently being carried out. Industrial enterprises are actively involved in this work, where military specialists can see live all the possibilities of the proposed innovations. In addition, this practice allows enterprises to improve their developments, taking into account the requirements of the Ministry of Defense for weapons, military and special equipment, and the conditions for future operation.

Thus, the forum became interesting not only for those who came to it for the first time, but also for visitors of previous years. And acquaintance with the stands of the Strategic Missile Forces made it possible to assess their present and look into the future.

Interviewed by Oleg Falichev

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