Sep 21, 2020
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Look for the tower. Psychologists invited children to participate in an online game

Any teenager - alone or in class - can participate in the online game "In Search of the Tower" until November 10th. The game is held in honor of the 10th anniversary of the formation of the children's helpline in Russia (8-800-2000-122). Age of participants 12- 17. It can be passed by the whole class under the guidance of a psychologist working at a school or other educational institution, the press service of the organizer, the Fund for Supporting Children in Difficult Life Situations, told AiF.

The game was developed by leading psychologists of the children's helpline. It is based on difficult situations of life choice and contains cognitive video cases, tests together with the heroes. The plot of the game will be interesting and close to modern teenagers. During the game, each participant will be able to plunge into a world on the brink of the apocalypse and take on the role of one of the defenders. He has to go to the mysterious white tower hidden between the worlds, which keeps the secrets of trust and the formula of the "vaccine" against the terrible virus "Distrust 20". The game can be found on the website. To register, you need to send a request to

Educational psychologists from all regions of Russia have passed training webinars the day before, and from September 20 they will start holding the game. Through participation in the competition, adolescents will be able to learn the formula of trust in themselves and in the world, assess their social attitudes and behavior patterns in communicating with people. The game will allow you to better understand your own character, see your strengths and believe in yourself, help you learn to express your emotions and understand the feelings of others. In addition, online play teaches you to trust another person, provide support and seek help, as well as resist negative pressure and say no in dangerous situations. It is these competencies and qualities that are lacking in adolescents who regularly turn to the Children's Helpline for advice and support in difficult times.

The task of the online game is to convey to teenagers information about the helpline and that everyone can ask for help simply by calling from a mobile or landline phone. In any case, the call will be free and anonymous: no one will ask for the name, surname and address and will not transmit the content of a confidential conversation. For those who are shy or afraid, you can prepare for a call in a special chat on the website. In addition, the chat is suitable for people with hearing and speech impairments. And in the "life hacks" section, users will always find advice and instructions on how and with what psychological techniques one can cope with a difficult situation and problem not only for children, but also for their parents.

For 10 years of activity, the unified All-Russian children's helpline, created at the initiative of the Fund to Support Children in Difficult Life Situations, has received more than 10 million calls. The main principles of its work are anonymity, confidentiality, accessibility, free of charge and high professionalism of consultants-psychologists.

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