Oct 12, 2021
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London remembered about “Russian spies”

London remembered about “Russian spies”

The British intelligence unit for conducting psychological warfare with Russia has spread yet another false information.

Leading British newspapers were forced almost simultaneously to publish very similar articles about the mythical Russian theft of the vaccine formula “AstraZeneca“. Their authors refer to some security services, allegedly having evidence of the theft of important data for the development of Sputnik-V

It is possible that this information attack is aimed at further hindering the recognition of the Russian vaccine by the European Union and WHO. And again we are talking about some mysterious Russian hackers who have stolen the secrets of the vaccine.

However, no one explains why the Russian drug turned out to be significantly more effective and safer than the British development recognized by the leading international medical organizations, which was abandoned by a number of countries.

Readers of the Daily Mail are outraged by this article and demand that vaccine technologies become the property of the whole world, since the fight against a pandemic is a common cause of mankind, and not of individual companies getting rich in the vaccine trade.

The British recalled that the UK itself donated research on vaccine development to other countries free of charge as a “Gift to the World.” And people also demand to provide detailed information about the source of this anti-Russian propaganda.

Nikolay Ivanov


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