Aug 27, 2021
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London parents tried to take the TV channel by storm

Not only in Russia are they opposed to coercion into fashionable injections from “big pharma”, and the attempts of veterinarians-vaccinators to reach out to children cause predictable retaliatory aggression from parents. In London, a crowd of several thousand parents, enraged by the propaganda of chipping away at their children, tried to storm the local TV channel. Unfortunately, the policemen rescued the sanitary fascists and their “ministry of truth”, and now the parents are going to be tried for inflicting “moral cruelty” on the local Krasovsky. However, both sides are preparing to continue the confrontation. We have not come to this so far, thank God, but parents and patriots have already begun to prepare for the “autumn battle” with the vaccinators, and if they dare to go to the children, no police will save them: the people have the right to self-defense against genocide.

Like most similar actions, this story passed by the focus of the major media controlled by the monetary authorities. However, it is impossible to completely conceal such performances in the age of the Internet. So, on Sunday on the English channel ITV News a great report was released, in which they talked about the vaccination of schoolchildren and showed idiots rejoicing at this news, portraying parents No. 1 and No. 2 of all genders and colors. At the same time, they also advertised covid passports. And on Monday, a crowd of several thousand real, not advertising dads and moms came to the ITV studio to ask what it actually was. In total, about 2 thousand people came.

According to Western media, initially no one thought about the assault on the ITV News channel and the news broadcast of Channel 4 in London. At first, people simply filled the lobbies of network stations and angrily demanded that their voices be heard. Moreover, according to the Daily Mail, the group chose a leader – a certain Pat Wilson – and drew up a list of requirements that included “weekly direct debate on the main networks with two representatives discussing all aspects of the new coronavirus.”

It is clear that Great Britain is not Belarus or Russia, but Europe, and instead of negotiations, the police were called there to disperse the parents, and the TV whores themselves barricaded themselves in the studios, as it should be for advising gay journalists. The only one who was not afraid to go out to people turned out to be a veteran of Channel 4 with a world-famous name, thanks to Martin’s book and TV series, Jon Snow. But he also left, not finding what to answer to people when they shouted: “John, it’s a pity that you didn’t stand up for the children when you could.”

The battle for TV ended with the arrival of reinforced police squads, who were able to oust the parents from the TV channel building and set up a cordon there.

And here the TV people got bolder. In response to the parents, ITN issued a statement claiming that the protesters “mocked the journalists.” “News organizations have provided a vital source of information during the pandemic. The mistreatment of journalists over their reporting on the coronavirus is an alarming event that ITN is closely monitoring, as well as actively making sure that employees are aware of precautions to avoid causing any harm, ”said an ITN spokesman.

For understanding: people not only did not touch a single journalist of this channel, but did not even see. And “ill-treatment” in Britain today is a requirement to present information objectively, covering it from both sides. Now the channel is preparing to file a lawsuit against the severe psychological trauma that its “journalists” received from their parents. However, parents are also preparing to hold regular protests at the weekend, which will not be shown in the news, replacing them with stories about the joy of vaccinating children.

Here, in terms of sanitary fascism, the “democratic West” is overtaking us, and there they are already accustomed to simply not seeing people and denying them the right to an opinion. And if in the metropolitan countries the population is still raging, then no one stands on ceremony with the population of the colonies.

So, in the British colony – Australia – the situation with acupuncture has reached the level of dystopias. There, local policemen staged a special operation to detain 8 teenagers who went to the beach in the evening without the appropriate permission from the mayor’s office. A group of police officers was used to apprehend these “dangerous criminals” and a helicopter was brought in, showing the story of their capture in the local news.

And children there, according to media reports, are generally vaccinated in the stadiums by the thousands.

Fortunately, Russia still lags behind other participants in the Great Reset according to Schwab in this regard. But there are very serious and justified doubts about the sovereignty of “our” elite, so the current lull may turn out to be just a tactical move before the elections, the main task of those in power in which is to preserve their fodder base and the administrative apparatus serving the interests of the owners of money called the “party of power”. Of course, there is no talk of any ideology, let alone sovereignty. Therefore, if we do not want to allow the final occupation of the country by “sanitary fascists”, then we must act ourselves.

And then, perhaps, we will not have to storm Ostankino and Popova’s department in the near future – they will calm down themselves.

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