Jan 30, 2021
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London gave Navalny the role of Kerensky

In the photo: the building of the British Department of Foreign Affairs and International Development (Foreign Office) in London

Pictured: UK Foreign Office (Foreign Office) building in London (Photo: PA Wire / PA Images / TASS)

Another country became involved in a scandal involving interference in Russian protests. On the eve of the campaign in support of Alexey Navalny The British Foreign Office named the cities in which it is planned.

On the eve of the actions on January 23, a similar message was published by the US Embassy, ​​provoking sharp criticism of the Russian Foreign Ministry, as a result, the American ambassador was summoned to Smolensk Square, to whom a strong protest was declared.

Note that, the British Foreign Office did not disclose the exact addresses to which the actions should take place. At the same time, the US Embassy announced a “march on the Kremlin”, which was not planned by the organizers of the action. However, it is confusing, where did they get the list of cities? Did the organizers themselves provide it?

And in general, I would like to understand why London decided to do this? Do you want to “fit in” with the Americans? Or did the Americans hand over the supervision? How integrated is Britain in our affairs? What is her interest in Russia?

“In the semi-official and associated protective discourse of Russia, some“ they ”are supposed to be curators of the politician Alexei Navalny,” explains Stanislav Byshok, Ph.D. in Political Science, Executive Director of the International Monitoring Organization CIS-EMO

– Sometimes it is deciphered that by “them” is meant the collective West, which by joint efforts seeks to once again either weaken, or even split Russia for something, and Navalny in this supposed plan should play the role of a new Kerensky.

When trying to figure out who exactly is behind Navalny, opinions differ. The latest version is that after treatment in the Berlin clinic “Charite”, the Russian oppositionist passed from the overseas Anglo-Saxons to German control. Indeed, the chancellor herself met with him. Merkel… It is obvious even to a child that she was recruiting – or recruiting.

If you understand from the bottom of conspiracy theories, then Britain’s interest in Russia is in many ways an echo of the imperial confrontation of the second half of the 20th century. Empires no longer exist, but phantom pains remain. However, the interest between the two countries is mutual, as evidenced by the fact that a significant part of not the last people from Russia is striving to settle in London.

“SP”: – Unlike the American embassy, ​​the British Foreign Office did not indicate more precise locations for the actions. Why? In order not to substitute at all?

– The story about the fact that the United States, together with Great Britain, controls the Russian civil protest through announcements on the websites of the embassies, is a little embarrassing. Someone, however, may well blame the weather forecaster who predicted the rain that he did not predict the rain, but called it himself. This is called magical thinking.

The fundamental function of any embassies is to ensure that fellow citizens are safe and sound. It is clear that you cannot assign a diplomat to every compatriot, so they approach the task extremely formally – they publish information on the website of the embassies: citizen, you don’t go there, you go here, otherwise the head will snow. This was the case, for example, in France during the manifestations of the “yellow vests”. As far as is known, no conspiracy theories have yet connected “vests” with the Anglo-Saxons.

“SP”: – It turns out that the British and Americans indirectly set up Navalny’s team? Where did they get their information, if not from Navalny’s people?

– When preparing mass actions, Navalny’s team, of course, does everything possible so that as many people as possible know about the upcoming events. The officialdom criticizes them in this regard: the entire TikTok, they say, is filled with calls from navalnists, there is nowhere to go from them. If the employees of the British, American and any other embassies are not banned from the Internet, they receive this information in the same second as the rest of humanity.

“SP”: – Will the authorities now be tempted to declare any protest inspired by the West and declare a witch-hunt – that is, foreign agents? How convincing does this look, and what about those who disagree with the authorities, but do not want to be associated with the Washington regional committee?

– The legislation on foreign agents was tightened – or, in semi-official language, clarified – a few months ago. Apparently, just to insure against the victory of the Democratic candidate in the American elections and, consequently, increased external support for the opposition forces in Russia. If initially it was said that registration as a foreign agent does not imply any additional difficulties and approvals (except for indicating on official resources that you are a foreign agent), now it turns out that the life of a foreign agent is more complicated than a non-agent. It was also pointed to the United States – they supposedly have such legislation since the Second World War. Incidentally, this is true. It is also true that in addition to the legislation on foreign agents there is a competitive political system and the right to arms.

The idea that civil society does not and cannot have any subjectivity, and that any political protests are inspired from the outside, has a certain set of supporters. There are also those who, due to their duty, are supposed to suspect a foreign trail or anti-state activity in the most unexpected places. This is a normal story. An abnormal story is when this, let’s say, highly specialized point of view becomes more or less dominant in public policy, including information.

Within the framework of this thinking, of course, any announcement on the website of a foreign embassy with an appeal not to be in the zone of mass protest actions will be interpreted as almost direct confirmation of the inspiration of the protests by this particular embassy. But before that the version was discussed that it was the “West” itself who poisoned Alexei Navalny. It turns out that all these are links of one chain.

In an emerging dichotomy where there is only either the collective Navalny or the collective Putin, it is extremely difficult – if not impossible – to take an active but equidistant position. If you start criticizing Navalny, you will immediately be put in the category of pro-government “food bloggers” (in parentheses, we note that this can be a fair assessment), and if you criticize the government more actively, then you are a “navalnist”, and at the same time a Westerner, secret foreign agent and that’s all. An illustrative example of a journalist Oleg Kashin, who, trying to maintain political neutrality, turns out to be “Kremlin” in the eyes of the collective support group for Navalny, but at the same time an “opposition freak” in the trills of the collective Solovyov.

– The United States and Great Britain, these bastions of the consolidated West, do not even hide their political interest in activating navalism in Russia, I am convinced Director of the Institute of Freedom Fedor Biryukov

“And if earlier Navalny and his accomplices posed as“ fighters for the people’s cause, ”now their mission is obviously of an occupation nature. The Navalnists are the vanguard of the new “Entente”, openly seeking political intervention in Russia. And the US and British embassies act as intervention headquarters.

Just as during the years of our Civil War, the Western powers used various white armies for their own purposes, the main of which was control over Russian territory and its resources, so now the West controls the actions of the Navalny headquarters, while manipulating the minds of unstable “protest” citizens. But in the current situation, these are no longer protests, but “protestations”, collaboration with the enemies of our country.

Now even moderate Western liberals, in whom at least a drop of national feeling remains, must strictly dissociate themselves from the navalists and take a “defensist” position. They should not hope that in the event of the success of the Navalnists (that is, the implementation of the Western political occupation of the Russian Federation), they will be given positions and money. Let them remember the Yeltsin coup and further events. Not a single dissident got into power. All the deserved anti-Soviets went to the forest. Even Solzhenitsyn, who began to criticize that government from the standpoint of moderate Russian nationalism, was actually sent into honorable exile.

The Kremlin was seized by the former “red” party and Komsomol nomenklatura, which had been repainted in the tricolor colors, as well as by bankers who sold Russia wholesale and retail. It is this scenario that the West wants to realize now with the help of the Navalnists, its direct agents of influence, and their voluntary “murziloks” from among the overly trusting citizens of the liberal mindset.

“SP”: – Can the Russian authorities oppose this?

– In this situation, Russia needs to act quickly and tough. The Foreign Ministry should, instead of the literary and musical “notes of protest”, initiate the expulsion of the “highlighted” Western diplomats. The Ministry of Internal Affairs should neutralize the headquarters of the Navalnists as sabotage cells. Courts and the Ministry of Justice should recognize any organizational forms of navalism as prohibited structures. And the entire political class, including moderate liberals, as well as the media engaged with them, are obliged to declare a political war on Navalism as a form of foreign intervention in Russia.

Navalny is an evil fate for Russia, the “Trojan horse” of the West. The “new beautiful Russia of the future” of the Navalnists is a wretched colony of the West, whose population is doomed to become simply consumables, slaves of Western globalist billionaires and their political lackeys. It’s time for the bulkheads to heap in full!

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