Apr 27, 2022
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London blessed Kyiv to attack Moscow

In the photo: weapons captured during a special military operation in Ukraine.

In the photo: weapons captured during a special military operation in Ukraine. (Photo: Press Service of the RF Ministry of Defense/TASS)

The Russian Ministry of Defense has promised to give a proportional response if the UK provokes Kyiv to attack targets on Russian territory. Thus, the Russian military commented on the statement of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Great Britain James Hippiewho said that London considers Kyiv’s strikes against Russia using Western weapons to be legitimate.

“We want to emphasize that direct provocation by London of the Kyiv regime to such actions, in the event of an attempt to implement them, will immediately lead to our proportional response,” the Russian defense ministry said in a statement.

Earlier, James Hippie said that the use of Western weapons to strike Russian territory “is not necessarily a problem,” as participants in conflicts around the world use foreign-made weapons. At the same time, he noted that combat targets are chosen by the Ukrainian side, and not by those who produce or export equipment.

That is, London is trying to absolve itself of responsibility in advance? At the same time, Great Britain transfers weapons to Ukraine, perhaps more than anyone else in NATO, including offensive weapons. And they think they can get away with it?

“The British Ministry of Defense has declared its right to transfer any weapons to Ukraine without turning the UK into one of the parties to the conflict,” explains political commentator Dmitry Galkin.

– Russia, in response, made it clear that it has a different opinion and is going to treat the UK as its enemy if it supplies Ukraine with weapons that allow strikes on Russian territory. Each of the parties acts in its own logic and defends its own interests. Russia would like to use its advantage in firepower and ability to destroy communications behind Ukrainian lines in order to successfully complete the offensive in southeastern Ukraine. Britain is interested in Ukraine being able to thwart the Russian offensive. If the UK behaves in this way, then it does not fear a clash with Russia or believes that such a danger does not exist at all.

“SP”: – How should one perceive the supply of weapons to Ukraine, with which they hit us, from any country? What does this mean in terms of international law? Isn’t this a casus belli?

Russia is not officially at war with Ukraine. Therefore, formally, there can be no restrictions on the supply of weapons to Ukraine at all. Sovereign states have the right to sell and transfer any weapons not prohibited by international conventions to any other states that are not under international sanctions. No sanctions were imposed against Ukraine, so the UK is simply exercising its own right to conduct an independent foreign policy. In this situation, the Russian attack on the UK, of course, will be considered by the British allies as aggression. Accordingly, all NATO countries will be obliged to support Britain in a clash with Russia.

“SP”: – At the same time, Hippie made a reservation that combat targets are chosen by the Ukrainian side, and not by those who produce or export equipment. What does it mean? An attempt to absolve yourself of guilt? How convincing does that sound?

– This means that the UK is not going to be responsible for how the Ukrainian side uses the received weapons, nor impose any restrictions on their use. Of course, the British leadership is well aware of what the weapons supplied to Ukraine are needed for and how they will be used. Therefore, London does not try to absolve itself of responsibility for the supply of weapons, but simply announces that it recognizes Ukraine’s right to use them as it sees fit.

“SP”: – The Russian Ministry of Defense promised to give a proportional response if the UK provokes Kyiv to strike at objects on Russian territory. What could be the answer?

– Russia’s answer may consist, for example, in striking British warships in the Black Sea. But, in fact, it does not matter at all what exactly Russia will do, since any actions of this kind will be considered as an attack on a NATO country with all the ensuing consequences. It should be noted that the British Ministry of Defense recognized Russia’s right to destroy military equipment that is being transported through the territory of Ukraine and destroy transport communications. But, of course, such actions will not affect the behavior of the UK in any way.

“SP”: – Britain has been behaving too radically lately. Perhaps the radical USA. What is it connected with, in your opinion?

– Britain is much more interested than the United States in the strategic weakening of Russia. Unlike the UK, the US is not Germany’s rival for influence in Eastern Europe and has nothing against increasing German industrial exports. Great Britain considers Germany as its economic and political competitor, and therefore is interested in Germany losing the opportunity to use Russian resources to strengthen its position.

In the event that Russia succeeds in the conflict with Ukraine and forces it to sign a peace treaty on its own terms, anti-Russian economic sanctions will be significantly lifted or weakened within a few years. Accordingly, relations between Russia and Germany will be restored to one degree or another. Therefore, it is important for Great Britain that Russia be bogged down in a military conflict for a long time, and it would take on a protracted character. In this case, a long-term confrontation between Russia and the Western community will be ensured, and Germany will not be able to use Russian resources.

“The statements of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Great Britain should be taken as yet another fact of the aggravation of the military rhetoric of the West in an obsessive desire to create additional problems for Russia in all conceivable and unimaginable ways,” I am convinced Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science of the Financial University under the Government of Russia Dmitry Yezhov.

– It is obvious that the supply of weapons to Ukraine clearly does not contribute to a peaceful settlement, and an increase in the corresponding supplies only leads to an escalation, neutralizing the potential of the negotiation process.

It should also be understood that, as practice has shown, Ukraine does not make any decisions on its own. The behavior of the Ukrainian leadership is modeled from abroad, mainly by the US and the UK.

“SP”: – What could be the “proportional response” promised by our Ministry of Defense?

– A proportional response means a potential blow to the decision-making centers on the territory of Ukraine. However, Western ideologists of a provocation in the form of a hypothetical strike against Russia should think about the reaction to the statement of James Hippie by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharovawondering if the understanding is correct that for the sake of “disrupting the logistics of military supplies” Russia can strike at military targets on the territory of those NATO countries that supply weapons to the Kyiv regime. It is among these countries that the United Kingdom is located.

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