Nov 15, 2022
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London asks Moscow for aluminum, just to keep it quiet

London asks Moscow for aluminum, just to keep it quiet

Photo: Anton Novoderezhkin / TASS

The West, represented by the UK and the UN, has clearly made it clear to Russian oligarchs and officials that they are not averse to renewing friendship. That is, to buy from the Russian Federation all kinds of different raw materials and pay for it in dollars and euros. Additional conditions, of course, are not advertised, but they are quite obvious. And there is every reason to believe that the proposals of Russia’s enemies will be accepted.

The London Metal Exchange (LME) is ready to accept aluminum, nickel, copper and other metals from Russia, which the trading platform has officially announced.

“The LME is not proposing to ban the issuance of guarantees for new Russian metal. While the LME acknowledges that companies are free to make their own decisions about whether or not to trade in Russian metal, the LME’s decision to restrict the use of Russian metal would affect the exchange’s customers more than the LME itself.

Very interesting. All persons who control the production of these metals in the Russian Federation seem to be under sanctions, and their companies too. LME with due regularity tightened the rules of trading so that Russian goods somehow did not fall into the field of its activity, and here is such a demarche. Oleg Deryapske, Iskander Makhmudov, Vladimir Potanin and others were clearly given to understand that they were ready to resume trading in their goods. Namely, strategic raw materials exported from our country.

The situation is similar for mineral fertilizers. The only difference is that it is not the LME that gives the go-ahead, but the UN. But not the point, the headquarters is in the United States. Dmitry Mazepin receives sales of its goods, and in huge quantities.

Apparently, the oil industry was also promised something.

“Russia is very likely to have to export some of the oil under the price ceiling set by the US and allies,” the Treasury Secretary said. Janet Yellen.

Considering that this very “ceiling” was never introduced, and it can be anything, very ambiguous words. Which can be interpreted as a possible lifting of sanctions against Russian oil companies. In any case, as an invitation to bargain – for sure.

The so-called “grain deal”, from which the Russian Federation withdrew and then suddenly re-entered, is also by no means in the interests of our country. On the one hand, Russian “grain traders” are interested in it, who “squeezed” the products from the peasants for a pittance. On the other hand, there are “general people” who have problems with food. And, yes, on the third – our own officials.

“Taking into account the fact that Russia has always been and remains a reliable partner and is ready to provide the world with the necessary amount of food, our country is ready to supply the poorest countries with up to 500,000 tons of grain free of charge in the next four months,” the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation recently announced. Dmitry Patrushev.

It seems like half a million tons against the background of a crop of 147.5 million tons of grain is a minuscule amount. But for some reason, our beloved state is not going to help with food for Russian pensioners, who are struggling to scrape together money for this very bread. But to take it out is always welcome. Both for free and for money. For dollars and euros that do not spend. That is, it’s still free. And they do take it out. For example, the duty on the export of sunflower oil from Russia in November is again equal to zero, exactly as it was in October. And the price of butter in stores is going up …

So, the West is signaling to the “oligarchs” and officials – we are friends, let’s cooperate again. But just like that, as you know, even cats are not liked. That is, there will be conditions. As usual, profitable for them and disadvantageous for Russia. In other words, the Russian people should expect the meanest tricks in the very near future.

Against the backdrop of this policy, the West is no longer shy. If you call a spade a spade, then officials and “oligarchs” are invited to completely lie under the “common people” and surrender Russia. Information is already circulating that Roman Abramovich returned all his money and assets. Fake? Not a fact, it’s easy to check, especially for those who are in the subject. That is to colleagues – “oligarchs”.

“Perhaps at some point you may have a treacherous thought that we are doing everything wrong and everything is not going according to plan. And not in the way that was promised yesterday on an already fallen slogan. But if you remember who our ruling class is, then this treacherous thought will not live long with you. Among the top 100 Russian billionaires, 40 have foreign citizenship. 68 of them not only live abroad, but also brought all the members of their families there. The combined wealth of all these people is over $400 billion. They live in the UK, Switzerland and the US, where they own real estate. None of them was seen helping the front, moreover, 9 billionaires from this list renounced Russia, ”the general director of Cherepovets Casting and Mechanical Plant OJSC points out the essence of the problem. Vladimir Boglaev.

Everything as a whole looks not just suspicious, but frankly scary. Given recent events, anything can be expected.

“The first thing to do is to introduce strict state control of foreign trade. Russia’s foreign trade should not serve the interests of the collective West and a narrow group of so-called “Russian oligarchs”, but provide the country with vital consumer and industrial goods. Deliveries of goods for export should cover the needs of Russia in foreign currency for the purchase of vital goods and not a penny more!” – says doctor of economic sciences, professor Katasonov.

Billionaires do whatever they want, and officials like do not see anything or are kind of powerless.

Anxiety in Russian society is growing. People are by no means fools, no one believes the “official organ” anymore, at all. And no wonder. On the contrary, people began to collect and analyze “indirect” information, and people do not like what they get.

In fact, people today rely only on the safety of the Strategic Missile Forces, and we have something to “bang” if anything. There are doubts about conventional weapons, since with the collapse of mechanical engineering it is quite difficult to establish the production of ammunition. Especially the high tech ones.

There is also hope for determined people who are not afraid to take responsibility. And pull out Russia, which we ended up in three decades ago.

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