Jul 26, 2020
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Lolita said sixth marriage to be


56-year-old singer Lolita Milyavskaya told about his personal life.

The singer said that the sixth time is ready to get married. According to the artist, at the moment she is in a relationship with a man who earns well and is a great candidate for a husband. “Boiling water from each other not writing — we’re not 18 years old. And butterflies in the stomach is harmful. I have no butterflies already. But if you get married — go. Marriage will be the sixth if you count the first, which was bogus“—said the star.

The singer did not reveal the identity of the chosen one. It is known that the lover Lolita had with her to go to Vitebsk to the festival music. But at the last moment, the new boyfriend of the singer have an urgent matter. “Let it work. I don’t need more unemployed people! My present — businessman, male, serious and independent“—added Palladium “EH”.


By the way, before the Lo was stressed that its attracted to men younger than themselves. The current chosen star younger than her eight years. “He is a normal guy, took place in all respects. I’m 56, he’s 48. But grandpa I don’t need. I have not lived to an age where you can sleep with Santa! We talk on the phone most nights because he is too busy. And when possible, arrange gatherings each other. I just really love my apartment, psychologically impossible for me to move things, I can’t imagine that I would have moved to his house and dangled with a bag here and there“—confessed the singer.

Recall the last Lolita marriage lasted about nine years. The actress broke up with Dmitry Ivanov because of his infidelities. After breaking up with the ex-husband of celebrity has changed dramatically — changed my hairstyle and lost 15 pounds.

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