Oct 19, 2021
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Lloyd Austin: “Georgia is a critical region for the United States”

The head of the Pentagon in Georgia signed a Memorandum, but did not invite NATO

US Secretary of Defense on an official visit to Tbilisi Lloyd Austin spoke about a new approach to supporting the defense of Georgia by Washington.

Together with the Minister of Defense of Georgia Dzhansher Burchuladze they signed the Georgia Enhanced Defense and Deterrence Initiative Memorandum of Understanding (GDDE).

Austin said the Memorandum is evidence that the United States is making tremendous efforts to support Georgia’s security. Needless to say, Americans know how to come up with all sorts of intricate Memoranda and Plans in order to promote exclusively their own interests!

“This initiative will become a central element of cooperation between the US Department of Defense, on the one hand, and the Georgian Ministry of Defense and the Georgian Defense Forces, on the other. We will definitely continue to support institutional reforms in your country’s defense sector. Strengthen the abilities and skills necessary for effective containment and protection. We will also support the possibility of Georgia’s interaction with NATO, ”

– promised Lloyd Austin.

But, he reminded, at the same time Georgia should not forget about carrying out reforms, which are simply necessary in order to get closer to the West.

Also, the American minister thanked the Georgian Defense Forces a lot. “For their strong support of the US and NATO efforts in Afghanistan”

But the Georgian side was most of all worried about quite specific questions – when will the doors to the Alliance be opened for Georgia? Is there any progress on this long path to NATO? Have enough reforms been carried out in the country, or not?

The head of the Pentagon answered all these questions very succinctly: “Georgia continues to make progress in the area of ​​military reform. The United States values ​​Georgia as a strategic partner and our support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is unwavering. “

That is, the doors remain closed for now, but we support you with all our might.

In the end, everyone was happy: Lloyd Austin – a warm welcome, the Georgian side – “A very strong signal in support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia”as announced by the prime minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili

Speaking to reporters, the head of the Pentagon did not hide the fact that Washington has its own great interest in this region.

“My visit to Georgia confirms our continued interest in this region. This is a critical region for us. We have an interest, we have common values, we see a number of opportunities for continuing cooperation in the security sphere. This is a very important region, and its security and stability are critical to the practical implementation of our shared vision of a united, free and peaceful community. We attach great value to our partnership “,

– summed up Lloyd Austin.

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In the photo: Pentagon Chief Lloyd Austin and Georgian Defense Minister Juansher Burchuladze

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