Nov 10, 2021
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Liza Peskova stood up for her younger sister


The daughter of the president’s press secretary, Liza Peskova, said that the children of the rich and famous have to work hard since childhood.

In early November, Tatyana Navka spoke about the unfair refereeing, because of which her daughter Nadia received only third place in the competition. The older sister Lisa stood up for the girl.

Liza Peskova has been blogging for many years, where she talks not only about victories, but also defeats. She frankly says that she does not understand people who judge her by her parents. The exact same situation begins to happen with her younger sister.

Nadia is taught to work almost from birth. To the fact that the day is a working day, and to the fact that in life one has to plow in order to achieve something. She, like me, will have to learn to stand up for herself and fight off the prejudiced and stereotypical opinions of many who believe that children from such families do not need to do anything, they cannot do anything and receive first places, honors, etc. Whatever I do in my life, study, work, sports and self-development – I constantly have to prove something to someone (to myself in the first place) and make every effort. But not everyone understands this“, – said the daughter of the press secretary of the Russian president.

Yelezaveta Peskova with her sister
Elizaveta Peskova with her sister

Like the whole family, she was outraged by the unfair refereeing in relation to Nadia, who was given only bronze. Moreover, they motivated this with a strange outfit: “When we asked why, in order to understand what is worth more work, the judges answered that they did not like the dress (a copy of Alina Zagitova’s costume, in which she won Olympic gold) and the music (Tchaikovsky). Supposedly all this is just a PR show by Tatiana Navka. “

Peskova was surprised at this decision of the judges. According to her, this is not a completely objective and even biased view of things. At the same time, he concludes that such situations only temper a person.

Recall that the daughter of Nadia is the common child of Tatyana Navka and Dmitry Peskov. The couple got married in 2015. They also have children from previous relationships.

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