Oct 12, 2021
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Liza Arzamasova showed how she is losing weight thanks to the baby (video)


Actress Liza Arzamasova decided to show how she spends time after giving birth.

In August of this year, the artist first became a mother. She and her husband, Ilya Averbukh, had a son, Leo. Just three months after giving birth, the actress can boast of flawless shapes and a toned flat stomach.

Elizabeth revealed the secret of such a striking transformation. It turned out to be simple! Arzamasova goes in for sports at home. And as a trainer and weight he uses a little Leo. Thus, the artist combines motherhood and self-care.

The young mother showed how she goes in for sports and cheers for her husband while he is on the set of the Ice Age show.

A productive and gentle evening. You ask how I am recovering and getting in shape after childbirth. Like this. Right now, together with Lyovushka, we are watching the release of Ice Age on Channel 1, we support Ilya and the entire project team, and at the same time we are doing sports“, – explained Arzamasova.

Fans were stunned by how prettier Lisa was after giving birth. They showered her with compliments.

Both funny and cute! “,” Favorite dumbbell! “,” Well done! Leo’s introduction to sports “,” Sports idyll! “,” Very cool! ” – they wrote.

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