Sep 22, 2022
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Liz Truss: the new “iron lady” or? ..

Liz Truss: the new “iron lady” or? ..

Over the past half century, this is the third woman in England to hold the post of prime minister. Mary Elizabeth Truss succeeded Boris Johnson, who resigned because of the scandal.

Now the United Kingdom is ruled by the first head of the British Cabinet, who was born and raised in the 1970s: just when the era of the famous Margaret Thatcher began. True, spiteful critics say today that the current “iron lady 2.0” has a lower chimney and thinner smoke. Is it so?


The Liz Truss family is considered traditional English. Mom’s name is Priscilla Mary, she worked as a nurse and teacher, dad John Kenneth is a professor of mathematics. They lived in Leeds (Yorkshire), Mary Elizabeth was the eldest of four children in the family. As they say, with the milk of her mother, Mary Elizabeth absorbed a passion for politics, the girl acquired left-wing political convictions. As they said with a grin then, the Truss family was “to the left of the Laborites.”

What’s funny, Liz even participated in demonstrations against the policy of the first “iron lady” Margaret Thatcher. The girl was carrying a terrible mock-up of a nuclear bomb, which was built from old rolled up carpets. And Liz Truss then screamed at the top of her lungs: “Maggie, get out!” I wonder how soon new demonstrations will sweep across today’s England with shouts of “Lizzy, get out!”


The growing up years of Liz Truss are leading inquisitive researchers today to some interesting thoughts and questions. For example, why, while studying at Oxford, a young lady (165 cm tall) advocated the legalization of marijuana and once even plastered the entire campus with posters demanding “allow weed”? And how much actually fit in her head from lectures on philosophy, politics and economics at Merton College, Oxford University?

But it was there that the first public rise of the activist Liz Truss took place – she headed the branch of the Liberal Democratic Party (Labor). And even in 1994 she pushed a passionate speech at one of the conferences against the monarchy.


The results of a poll of Britons (not just members of the Conservative Party) look stunning as they look at Truss. There, only 12% expressed confidence that she would be a good prime minister. At the same time, Truss has already managed to make a statement that she will not flinch if the time comes to press the red nuclear button.

In 2000, Liz Truss got a husband named Hugh O’Leary, and not just a simple, but a wealthy financier. Meanwhile, the young woman’s political career was also on the rise. For some personal reasons, she broke with the leftists and joined the Conservative Party, which unpleasantly struck her Labor family and especially her dad.

For almost ten years since the milestone for her in 2000, the purposeful and tough Liz Truss stormed political heights through participation in elections, but to no avail. But the stubborn lady did not think to give up. And now the 2010 parliamentary elections bring her a long-awaited victory in Norfolk County. Two years later, Prime Minister David Cameron made her parliamentary assistant to the minister of education, and a couple of years later – the whole minister of the environment, food and agriculture. The media then choked with delight: “Liz Truss became the youngest female British minister in history.”


Young and nimble Liz Truss, having settled into politics by the middle of the 2000s, immediately felt a taste for life. She, for example, came under charges of embezzlement of public funds when flying on a government plane to Australia. For all this, the treasury spent 670 thousand dollars, although Liz Truss could and should have taken the usual, much cheaper commercial flight. But something that ruined a lot of bright careers, for some reason got away with the lady.

As well as an even more egregious event for morality and politics, when Liz Truss was caught

with a lover in 2005. It turned out that the allegedly exemplary mother, wife and daughter indulged in love pleasures with a colleague, member of parliament and his political mentor Mark Field. Their romance, they say, lasted only a few months. However, after the publicity, Field’s 12-year marriage collapsed, his wife never forgave him for the betrayal. But Liz Truss again came out dry from a dirty puddle of gossip and accusations – and how did she do it?

Today the Truss family lives in Thetford, they have property in London and a third home in Kent. In the years that have passed since the sex scandal, Liz has somehow managed to prove to the stiff English society that she is now an exemplary wife and a caring mother who calls her husband “her only love.”

She defeated her rival in the recent party leader election with a promise to cut taxes.

This policy is in no way similar to the policy of the first “Iron Lady”, which, as you know, was not impressed by the suffering of the common people. There are legends about the coldness and unscrupulousness of Liz Truss. And numerous British spiteful critics say this about her assertiveness and tediousness: “This woman is given high positions, if only she would not argue with anyone else.”

Evgeny Alexandrov.


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