Apr 19, 2021
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Living with a mother-in-law who considers her daughter-in-law to be nobody

Living with a mother-in-law who considers her daughter-in-law to be nobody

A love marriage is a great happiness. It is a pity that in our youth we do not always know how to distinguish true love from passion. Loving people will always be a support to each other and, first of all, they will become true friends, and then – lovers. Life after the wedding for a girl changes dramatically.

No wonder in the old days there was a custom with crying to accompany the bride to the house of his parents. After all, then it was done by default. It was believed that a girl ceases to be free and is doomed to take care primarily of her husband’s family and of her beloved, of course.

Despite the fact that in the 21st century girls tend to get married, the housing issue adds inconvenience. Since they get married at a young age, the first and fatal decision for a couple is to move to their parents.

“I married Andrey at the age of 19. Was crazy about him. We met for six months, then got married and began to live with his parents. I did not realize then that I had made a fatal mistake. I’ll tell you about a case that turned my life upside down.

At that time I worked and studied, I came at home just to catch my breath: to sleep for a couple of hours and have a snack. Once again, after a night shift in a taxi, I returned home. I cut myself a piece of bread and poured some tea. On this day it was time to get ready for school, so I was in a hurry. The mother-in-law and her daughter silently looked askance at me, sitting in the kitchen, did not even say hello. Only I was on my own and did not notice their sour faces.

Both had their usual facial expressions as soon as I was in sight. At one time I tried to laugh it off, but then I realized that my jokes are caused only by notations. And all the discontent was passed on to my husband. He reacted strangely to this.

In general, since we got married, everything seems to have turned upside down. After two weeks of living together, Andrei began to behave like a stranger. The opinion of my mother and sister came out on top, and I was like the fifth wheel in a cart in their family. These thoughts flashed through my head when I saw disgruntled faces. ”

Conversation with mother-in-law

“When I returned from university, Andrei was at home. I was surprised because he had to work the second shift that day. I saw how he and his mother and sister were sitting in the kitchen and discussing something. As soon as they noticed me, they immediately fell silent. This sight gave me hysterical laughter, I could not stop, tears gushed from my eyes. Then the mother-in-law heard: “Well, agreed? Take, then, a loan ”, – Andrey got ready and left. Everyone openly ignored me.

I asked why a decent amount of money was needed so urgently. I asked for a reason, because we were going to rent a house. To which my mother-in-law told me: “The wallpaper is already tired, we need to change it”. Through tears, I said that Andrei and I wanted to move out.

This time the mother-in-law did not find words: “Shut up. You are an empty place here. ” This phrase determined my future in this house. I packed my things and returned to my mother. A few years later, I met a man from whom I gave birth to two children. Relationship with his mother was good, we live separately, and my mother-in-law supports me in everything.

I rarely remember my first marriage. That period of my life taught me a lot. I am happy that my mother did not judge me and took me back to her home. I’m sure I did the right thing. You do not need to endure bullying and insults in your address. A person always has a choice, the main thing is not to shift responsibility for his life and decisions to others. ”

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