Sep 12, 2020
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Liver problems are smeared with honey. Which of the eaten and drunk is harmful to her

Many foods thought to be healthy can be harmful to the liver. Among them were some fruits, juices and honey. How is this possible?

The liver is the body's main chemical laboratory. Everything that we eat immediately enters this organ: this is how the anatomy is arranged - the vessels that carry the substances absorbed into the blood from the intestines go directly to the liver. And here begins their processing and sorting for further distribution throughout the body. The work of the liver is hellish, and it is not strange that sometimes it gets sick. What of the eaten and drunk is especially harmful for her? I am sure that first of all you will name alcohol, everything spicy, fatty, marinades and fried. Oddly enough, this list contains things that are good for the liver. But the most interesting thing is that the main enemies of this body sometimes have a reputation for "good" products. Forgiven if you don't know it. Doctors themselves not very long ago realized who the main enemy of the liver was. It is very insidious, causing damage to this organ even in those who do not take a sip of alcohol in their mouths. Moreover, he does not even spare children.

Addiction to fruit addiction

- The most common chronic liver disease, which occurs in 37% of Russians, has a long name - non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), - explains Gastroenterologist, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the First Moscow State Medical University Sechenova Alexey Bueverov... “Consequently, there are tens of millions of such patients in our country, and many hundreds in the world. In terms of prevalence, NAFLD has surpassed alcoholic liver disease, with which they look like twins. This is a chronic lesion, for which the deposition of excess fat in the liver (steatosis) is typical, then inflammation of this organ is often added, then fibrosis (development of connective tissue) and cirrhosis. Everything can end with type 2 diabetes mellitus, heart attacks and strokes due to vascular atherosclerosis, liver failure and cancer (liver carcinoma). This is the prospect, and the reason for it is the excessive consumption of fats and sugars. The latter are even more dangerous for the liver, and fructose is especially secreted from them - a sugar that was first obtained from fruits. When taken in large quantities, it is converted into fats, which are deposited primarily in the liver. In addition, fructose stimulates the development of liver inflammation. Its role is so significant that about a year ago, the medical community began to talk about a special form of NAFLD, which was called fructose liver disease. And dependence on sweet foods with fructose, by analogy with alcoholism, began to be called fructoholism.

Originally from childhood

“All these liver problems are usually from childhood,” Bueverov continues. - They are based on a lack of physical activity, an excess of high-calorie and sweet foods. Fructose is the sweetest sugar, and children abuse foods that contain a lot of it. These are, for example, juices. There, fructose is in the most harmful form - it is dissolved, quickly absorbed and therefore immediately goes for processing into fats. There is also a lot of fructose in fruits, but thanks to the fiber in them, it is absorbed more slowly and therefore less harmful. But sweet and tropical fruits can play a negative role when consumed heavily. I advise you not to consume them every day, preferring other fruits. The absolute champion in fructose content is honey. We had a patient with NAFLD who took care of himself and led a healthy lifestyle. It turned out that he ate a lot of honey, considering it useful. After refusing it, the changes in the liver disappeared.

Studies show that about 0.7% of children have excess liver fat at 2–4 years of age, but this figure rises with age. In children from 2 to 19 years old, the average incidence of hepatic steatosis is 13%, and in 15–19-year-olds it is higher - 17.3%. This means that they will develop real NAFLD earlier with complete metabolic syndrome - with obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, increased cholesterol and blood lipids. All this will lead to early heart attacks, heart failure, strokes, etc. Sometimes the disease proceeds without obesity at normal weight, that is, liver damage is primary, but all the same, all the pathological processes listed above are triggered. Apparently, this variant of the course of the disease is genetically determined.

How can you protect yourself from NAFLD? Avoid foods with easily digestible carbohydrates, especially fructose. Do not overuse animal fats. Eat more fresh vegetables and herbs. Aerobic physical activity, natural coffee and, surprisingly, small doses of alcohol have a protective effect - NAFLD is more common among absolute teetotalers. It is optimal to drink no more than 30 g of ethanol per day for men and 20 g for women. It is better to get alcohol in the form of dry natural wine.

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