Sep 15, 2021
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Live singing of Philip Kirkorov on “Italian Holidays” aroused a number of suspicions

The other day, Philip Kirkorov became the main star of the MARTINI TIME party within the framework of the Italian Holidays festival and, as it seemed, went over this MARTINI a little.

Let’s start with the fact that, going on stage, surrounded by a wonderful dancer, Philip Bedrosovich sang live, which is very different from his phonogram. Kirkorov made many pauses and often put the microphone in the hall. But pay attention to his face, blurred with pleasure, to his gestures and movements. A complete feeling that the King is charged with MARTINI, as it should and he feels good.

But the main thing here is for the audience to feel good, and, apparently, looking at the satisfied Kirkorov, they really felt good.

Live singing of Philip Kirkorov on

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