Apr 28, 2022
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Little UAV terrorists: America supplied Ukraine with 700 “loitering killers” to scare the Russians

Pictured: Switchblade (UAV)

In the photo: Switchblade (UAV) (Photo:

Nauman Sadiqan expert on geopolitics and national security from Islamabad, it is no coincidence that he is considered an authority on the fight against terrorism and sabotage. Pakistan has long been a kind of ground for covert operations for the United States, including attacks on key national security facilities and political assassinations.

According to this analyst, the Ukrainian special services, under the supervision of the CIA and the NSA, will try to arrange chaos on the territory of Russia. He is sure that it was not for nothing that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published a special message on the fire in Tver: “Corruption and irresponsibility in Russia dealt another insidious blow to its military efforts. In Tver, the Scientific Research Institute, which develops Russian Iskander missiles and systems for SU-27 and TU-160 bombers that destroy peaceful Ukrainian cities, burned down.

Recall that on April 21 at 09:30 in one of the premises of the research institute on the second floor of a four-story building, smoke poured. As a result of the fire, according to the latest data, 18 people died. The military prosecutor’s office of the Tver garrison began an audit, which ended with the initiation of a criminal case under article 219 part 3 “Violation of fire safety requirements, resulting in the death of two or more persons through negligence.”

A few hours after the Tver incident, there were reports of a fire already at one of the largest chemical plants in Russia – in the city of Kineshma, Ivanovo Region. According to TASS, citing the press services of the regional government, a fire broke out in a hangar-type workshop that has not yet been put into operation. It is also reported: “According to the working rescue services, there is no danger of leakage and distribution of chemicals from the production.”

At first glance, it seems that these facts about “Ukrainian sabotage” inside Russia are far-fetched. Our country is big, and every day something happens. If you dig deeper into RuNet, you can find hundreds of smaller cases of emergency. Actually, the picture is the same in other countries, in the same United States.

Most likely, the special services of the “square” are not related to the incidents in Tver and Kineshma. But it should be noted that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine began to hint to its citizens in every possible way that it was it that was “responsible” for such emergencies.

This is what the Yankees did and do in the states with which they are at enmity. First, the overseas media and government agencies disperse news about incidents that were previously of no interest to anyone except local ones. Of course, they make hints that this is the work of their long hands. And then there is a resonant sabotage, sowing panic among the population. People really begin to believe that everything around is teeming with all-penetrating enemy agents.

An example is Venezuela. In the country of the Bolivarian Revolution, due to sanctions and underfunding, blackouts regularly occur here and there. Unpleasant, but the local people slowly got used to it. About each such incident, the American media loudly write that “corruption and irresponsibility … dealt another insidious blow to the energy efforts of the authorities”, alluding to themselves, the ubiquitous ones. And then the CIA conducts a demonstrative nationwide blackout, the traces of which lead to the States. Like, that’s how powerful they are.

So in the case of Russia, perhaps, a similar practice is beginning to unwind. Say, now it will be scary not only in Ukraine, but also in the Russian hinterland. “While the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense was quick to pin the blame for these acts (in Tver and Kineshma) … on alleged ‘corruption and irresponsibility in Russia’, resorting to ‘plausible deniability’ will not convince anyone,” Nauman Sadiq said.

According to this Pakistani expert, Russia accepted a huge number of refugees for humanitarian reasons. Among them, it is possible that there are secret agents of the SBU.

It must be understood that the SBU is the Ukrainian branch of the CIA, one of the best and most insidious intelligence agencies in the world with a virtually bottomless budget. Therefore, the saboteurs of the “square” are trained and equipped by the Americans, and among other modern spy equipment, they are able to control the Switchblade portable drone specially designed for sabotage.

Now this weapon is the alpha and omega of secret agents of the SBU, Nauman Sadiq believes. The Yankees generally love to kill and blow up from afar, watching the attacks on monitors in a safe place.

Who doesn’t know: the small Switchblade 300 kamikaze drone is a product of the Californian Aevex Aerospace, a company that the Pentagon carefully hides from prying eyes. It is understandable why. As they write on the star-striped forums, for such immoral projects, this office simply needs to be demolished from the face of the Earth.

Switchblade 300 weighs about 2.7 kg and can easily fit in a backpack or small suitcase. You can launch it using an ordinary pipe, but the kamikaze drone is actually invisible to the radar, it is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 10 kilometers and loitering in the sky for 15 minutes. Of course, you can’t beat a tank, but it’s easy to kill a person, set fire to a fuel depot, a building, a pipeline.

Someone will say that the Pakistani expert is not a decree for us. Say, Islamabad has its own graters with Washington. You can give the opinion of the current major of the US Army Brennan Devereuxstaff officer and army strategist specializing in rocket artillery. He writes: “Ukraine will undoubtedly gain tactical success with American loitering munitions.” And here the viral videos will be important, which … will inflate the role of these weapons on the battlefield.

American manufacturer AeroVironment calls its Switchblade systems “loitering killers” and rates them as consumables. The Yankees have already delivered 700 loitering kamikaze drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, designed for sabotage or targeted attacks on the command staff of the Russian army.

If a sniper needs to be trained for many years, and not everyone is capable of this “job”, then with “loitering killers” everything is much easier. He fired from a pipe at least from the window of the house and pointed the “cross” at the target. You can hunt anyone by launching a swarm of Switchblade. Someone will break through.

Did the developer realize that he was opening Pandora’s box? According to the Pakistani expert, yes, but, as even the American media note, the Switchblade is specially designed for terrorist attacks against Russia. “Now imagine how Moscow should respond? – asks an overseas user with the nickname US @ 1991 # – In theory, it is symmetrical already on the territory of the United States. Of course, the Russians will tolerate it, and then … after all, America is full of those who hate their country. It seems that the Russians will do everything to capture or buy a pair of Switchblade 300s from the corrupt Ukrainian military in order to adequately respond.”

Well, well… Sounds like sound advice.

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