Sep 4, 2022
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Little tourist suffered from allergy to henna tattoo

henna tattoo allergyThe worried mother of the family took to social media to remind them that temporary henna tattoos are not for everyone.

henna tattoo allergy

The woman published a photo that shows what her son’s hand has become. But the little tourist, who was vacationing with his mother in Bali (Indonesia), just wished to get a temporary tattoo. As a result, the boy had a severe allergic reaction, which not only caused the child suffering, but also looked quite shocking.

henna tattoo allergy

The boy’s mother is sure that you should always remember about the possible danger of henna tattoos. She herself had read similar stories before, but at the moment when her son asked to get a tattoo for him, important information completely flew out of her mother’s head, who decided to please her beloved child.

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